VIDEO: Howland after Stanford

Ben Howland talks about the improved rebounding in the win over Stanford and Kyle Anderson's dominant game...

Ben Howland talks after Stanford:


Q: 4-point play. How much did that have to do with it?

BH: I'll tell you, that was a big shot. We got off to a good start. We did a good job defensively. We were up on the boards in the first half. Holding them to 38% obviously was huge. Really proud of the way our team bounced back from the disappointing defeat and the effort over there in Berkeley the other night. This is a good Stanford team. Stanford just beat Oregon. They just beat Arizona State. They're a good team. This is a big win for us. A huge win. To get another road win and now to be where are we? We're 9-4 with 5 games left.

I thought that Kyle Anderson's play was terrific today. Obviously Shabazz [Muhammad]. That 4-point play. But he made a couple other big shots. We were running sets for him late in the game when it was a 2, 4 point game. He delivered back-to-back shots. The 3-pointer kind of gave us the lead that was hard to overcome, but the 2 shots before that were huge as well. I thought Jordan Adams played great today. I was really, really pleased with Larry Drew II's performance again. He's really playing like a senior. Playing a lot of minutes. So this week coming up, we're going to take advantage of our ability to get a couple days rest as we get ready for the [USC] Trojans.

Q: this is kind of a tap-in to what kind of talent those three freshmen have…

BH: yeah, they played great today. But our whole team did though. Like I remember the first half… There's things that don't show up in the stats. Dave Wear set a great screen for Jordan in the first half who comes up with a jump shot. Travis Wear, who's struggling a little bit right now offensively, did other things. Got 6 offensive boards. Norman Powell. Tony [Parker]. Dave Wear. They all gave us big minutes off the bench. Kyle got another double-double. That's got to be close to half a dozen for him on the year. No question, those 3 freshmen played great. And you could see that our guys were really up and ready to play today. It was really positive.

Q: besides scoring, Kyle gives you a lot of things. I thought there were 2 possessions that he altered foul shots.

BH: He's 7'1" or 7' across. He's got those long arms. Like I told him, they shot foul shots and got a rebound on a missed shot and Kyle was looking at Shabazz. Kyle, you're our best defensive rebounder. You're fifth in the conference. You never let him get inside there because his body size does make him a very good rebounder.

Q: it seems like Shabazz is a lot more efficient offensively. What do you…

BH: I thought today, we did a better job at … we got rushed. The crowd got to us. We don't have to push the game. When we execute our half-court offense and show some patience, we're effective. I didn't even look at the assists-to-baskets but I bet it was high again. We had 17 assists today on our 31 made shots. And so that's a big stat. And Kyle had a bunch of them and Larry had a bunch of them. We run a lot of offense through those two. But there were some other nice passes as well. Jordan Adams had 3 assists and one of them was that one he threw early in the second half that went off of Travis's hands in that curl. So I'm just so happy for our team. I'm really happy for our kids.

Q: is this just a matter of them kind of relaxing and being able to look for better shots? or is it a sense of urgency?

BH: it's being patient. We did a great job in the first half. I thought, our transition… we got a lot of baskets in transition. But then when we don't have it, we got to… okay, let's set it up and run what we run. We tried to simplify things. Run less things. And that's what I got to do as a coach. Run less sets and execute better in what we're doing.

Q: they seem like freelancers. They do… Those 3 guys…

BH: our transition's good. But, like I was telling you, those 3 baskets that Shabazz made, those were all off of set plays. Every one of them was off a screen or… it's a tough matchup. They have a tough matchup. They have a hard matchup, obviously not having the youngster who got hurt [Anthony] Brown. It's been a huge blow to them because that guy's a really good player.

Q: well, with the young guys. Sometimes just kind of let them go a little bit is a little better.

BH: yeah, we've been letting them go all year long. And we scored a lot of points today. What did we have? 85?

Q: 88.

BH: 88. That's beautiful.

Thank you.

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