VIDEO: Drew on Shooting

Larry Drew talks about his improved three point shooting stroke against the Cardinal on Saturday in the UCLA win...

Larry Drew talks after Stanford:


Q: … possibilities that open up for you and the team?

LD2: it helps us out with everything, man. Even like when I'm knocking down my jumper, you know. The second half of conference play, teams have been playing off of me. If I can make an open jumper, it just makes it easier for those guys too. I had 2 3's in the first half, and I think Stanford, they recognized that, and they tried to pressure a little bit. And like I said, it just opened up everything for the freshmen.

Q: when you're able to move in transition like that, how's that change you guys as a half-court team to…

LD2: we're not a half-court team.

Q: when you get into your sets.

LD2: I mean, it just… it's a momentum thing. If we can get out and get some easy buckets, put us up 6, 8 points like that, then in the half-court set, nobody [has to] rush. Everybody's taking the time, looking for each other, looking to make the extra pass. That's what we did tonight.

Q: Coach [Howland] has talked about how inexperience has been a problem at times. Was the youth of this team really what pushed you guys ahead in this game though?

LD2: I think everybody did an excellent job tonight. Everybody. Including the [Wear] twins on the defensive end and on the glass, particularly. Especially the freshmen, like you said. I think everybody played well.

Q: have you changed anything with your 3-stroke?

LD2: no. Not really.

Q: [audio difficulties]

LD2: just shooting it, man. Getting up more shots in the practice room.

Q: how important of a win does this feel, especially given how the Cal game went down? Does this feel like it could be a win that could kind of help you guys going forward?

LD2: yeah, I think so. Because it was our last game. Of course, we want to win every game that we play. We're just going to enjoy this while we still can. Get ready for USC next week.

Q: can you, as the point guard, feel a little more control over the offense when the rebounds are in your favor like they were?

LD2: oh yeah, man, it's just like… of course, the coaching staff and everybody, they want us to execute our offense. Guys like to score the ball. Shoot the ball. But the one thing I'm always preaching is defense first and getting the rebounds. Because it just really opens up everything for everybody else. As long as we get rebounds, we can get up and down the floor. And like I said, that's our whole game right there. People, I don't think, can stop us.

Q: could you hear your fans out there today?

LD2: oh yeah. They brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and it was great to have them out here.

Q: what made you guys force up less shots? Against Cal, that was a problem. You guys were kind of pressing and forcing up more shots. Were you guys more relaxed? Did the offense feel more relaxed?

LD2: you're talking about in the Cal game taking more shots?

Q: Cal, compared to tonight.

LD2: again, I think it all starts on the defensive end. As long as we get rebounds and guys are getting out on the floor… we're taking good shots. As long as we're taking good shots, then I think the shots will be fewer. Guys going 1-on-1 are going to jack up bad shots and going to take more. That's what happened in the Cal game.

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