VIDEO: Anderson on Rebounding

Kyle Anderson talks about the defensive rebounding effort against the Cardlinal on Saturday in the Bruins' 88-80 victory...

Kyle Anderson after Stanford:


KA: offense leads to them giving back. Sometimes, we're able to slow it down and convert in the half-court. Get Shabazz [Muhammad] and Jordan [Adams] open shots.

Q: were you guys kind of licking your chops for Stanford? Because they're not very quick up and down the court. Did you know that? You know.

KA: we did really well in transition the last game against them. So that's something Coach Howland stressed to us. Great defensive possessions leading into transition. It worked out today really well.

Q: it's the first time, I think, you guys won the rebounding battle in the last seven games. How much of a difference does that make, especially for your offense? To be able to win the game…

KA: it made a big difference. Coach really challenged the front-court players into getting rebounds and keeping their 2 front-court players off the glass and we did it. And that led to a win.

Q: did he challenge you at all?

KA: yeah, he challenged me to keep [Josh] Huestis, who's second in the conference for offensive rebounds… he challenged me to keep him off the glass. He's really strong. I slipped a couple times. But for the most part, I think I did a good job with that.

Q: given how the Cal game went, was there a sense of urgency with you guys or was it more just kind of letting the offense come to you in this game compared to the last game?

KA: letting the offense come to us. In that Cal game, I think we rushed a couple of shots. Slipped up on defense. That was a mess. But just the way we bounced back was very mature of us. Our older guys helped us. The 3 freshmen stepped up and played really well. Tony [Parker] came in and gave us great minutes. So it went well.

Q: was that especially true for the freshmen, especially you guys not having much experience having to bounce back, especially on the road… did you guys just let it come to you?

KA: yeah, I think at this time of the year, we're sophomores now. We have enough games underneath our belt where we understand what we have to do to get wins.

Q: is defensive rebounds… is it just dependent on the energy of the team to hit the boards like that?

KA: yeah. It can now, starting today, especially since we won the rebounding battle. We can look back at our team and say, "hey guys, if we can get on that glass, we're going to be tough for other teams to beat us." We're looking forward to working on our rebounding and leading it on to our next game.

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