VIDEO: Adams Talks about Offense

Jordan Adams talks about how Larry Drew's improved shooting has opened things up for he and Shabazz Muhammad...

Jordan Adams talks about the offense:


Q: … a week off to kind of recharge?

JA: yeah, we have 2 days off. We had Sunday off. And we have tomorrow [Wednesday] off. So to get our legs back under us.

Q: not a good color to be wearing ‘SC week, man.

JA: oh, yeah. Coach is going to get mad. Last time, he got mad that I wore it. I didn't even notice it.

Q: how difficult is it to go through a week without a game? Is it hard to keep your focus?

JA: oh, yeah, it is. Today [Tuesday], we didn't have the best of practices. We were kind of lackadaisical. But the next couple of practices we'll have, we'll be more intense. We'll be more focused and ready for the game.

Q: Howland said he cut you guys down to just 9 plays on offense or just 9 sets on offense. Does that make it easier for you when the numbers are so few that you don't have too much to worry about?

JA: not really. I just go with what he calls. Because he's calling it for a reason. How the game's going.

Q: do you notice him calling fewer sets?

JA: no.

Q: the way Larry [Drew II]'s shooting the ball, how much does it kind of opening things up for you and Shabazz [Muhammad] on like curls and midrange shots?

JA: oh, it's opening up a lot because now people have to respect Larry's jump shot. And Kyle [Anderson]'s too. Kyle's knocking them down as well and that's helping a lot.

Q: do you notice teams not sagging off him as much as maybe in some games a few weeks ago?

JA: they still are, but they still are making him prove himself to shoot it and he's knocking them down now.

Q: what are you expecting, going to USC next Sunday?

JA: we'll come out fighting much harder than we did last time. I think we'll be ready defensively because of this week off. This week's span. I'll think we'll be good on offense too.

Q: are you expecting some intensity from the crowd? Yelling at you and stuff?

JA: yeah, we're all used to that. Shabazz gets it the worst. But we're all used to that. We [block] the crowd out.

Q: how much have you see Larry kind of evolve this year? I mean, he was pass-first and now he's shooting some more. Do you see that he's maybe just more confident in the offense?

JA: yeah, he was telling me that during practice today. He was more confident shooting it. At the beginning of the year, he was more a facilitator. Now he's knocking down his shots so we're happy for him.

Q: does it kind of feel like that he's the floor general? When he's on his game, the rest of the offense is kind of moving smoother?

JA: yeah, it is.

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