VIDEO: Drew after Victory

Larry Drew talks about his game on offense, how UCLA was able to beat the Trojans so handily, and how well Tony Parker stepped up in the absence of Travis Wear...

Larry Drew talks after USC:


Q: … can you talk a little bit about how that developed?

LD2: I think I had 8 of the first 14 points. Once my shots start to fall, it just opens up everything else for guys like Kyle [Anderson] and Shabazz [Muhammad]. Shabazz is a scorer. Kyle is a playmaker. They just let their games come to them today.

Q: your thoughts on Jordan Adams's game today? It was just masterful.

LD2: get buckets. That's what J does. He goes out there and gets buckets any way that he can. That's just the type of player that he is. I think everybody played well today.

Q: you mentioned last time that you wanted to go out and kill ‘SC. Do you guys feel like you did that?

LD2: we just got the win, man. We just wanted to come out here and play the best that we could. Just play together. That's all that really matters. [audio difficulties]

Q: you guys got off to a really fast stop. 19-6, 5 minutes in. What fueled that fast start?

LD2: just us getting stops on the defensive end. Grabbing rebounds. I think, at halftime, Coach [Howland] let us know we were up 3 on the defensive boards. You don't hear that too often in the locker room. So it was definitely a good thing for us. I tell the guys all the time, "as long as we rebounds, I don't think anybody can stop us in the open court." It just worked out for us today.

Q: seems like the motivation and energy was a different story in this game compared to the last one. Was that kind of how it felt, even from the beginning?

LD2: oh yeah, most definitely, man. Especially with USC just being our rival. It being this time of year. We have to win out if we want to keep our dreams and our hopes alive. We just want to play well every game so that's all that we're really focused on.

Q: how does it change the team not to have Travis [Wear] with you guys on the court?

LD2: we miss Travis obviously. He's a major contributor to the team. But Tony [Parker], he really stepped up today for us. Big time. He played really well for us. He was definitely a major factor in the game. And Dave [Wear] played well too for us. We only have 2 bigs. They held their own.

Q: was it tough to stay level-headed when USC was getting chippy at the end there?

LD2: you know, I mean… I tend to pride myself in keeping my poise. I like to be under control. I tend to think of myself as always been poised, level-headed. Just trying to get these guys, the freshmen, Jordan, Shabazz, and Norman [Powell]. The younger guys. They like to tongue-wag and do that thing with their "chest" [strutting]. Go out there and bump people. And I was telling them, we're up. We're up by 20. At one point, we're up by 20. We don't need to go out there and talk to these dudes, man. Don't play down to their level. Just let your game do the talking.

Q: how much did that have to do with the rivalry?

LD2: I think it had a lot to do with the rivalry. Like I told the last time, we're looking for some payback. We wanted to go out there and really make a statement with this game. So it was a lot of emotion in this game.

Q: Coach Howland said you guys watched the game from the last [USC] game this week. Was there more motivation just because of that? Did that help to fuel…

LD2: really… it really just showed how bad we played when we played at home against USC last time. The energy. It wasn't there. Guys were blowing defensive assignments left and right. We just weren't there together as a team for whatever reason. But it was much different today. I'm proud of my guys.

Q: did the extra time off this week help you get off to that fast start?

LD2: I think so. I think so. We had some time to rest our legs. Did a lot of shooting in practice. Guys got a lot of extra shots up. Just had some really good practices leading up to this game. So I think that those are all factors.

Q: and for you, this is the only time you've beaten ‘SC, right?

LD2: my second time playing. First time we lost.

Q: so I mean, is there anything with that? Obviously, you grew up in LA. You know this rivalry pretty well. So being a part of that on the winning end, is there anything more to that?

LD2: I mean, it was a nice game for us. And of course, all I care about is winning. And the fact that it's ‘SC, and I've got this UCLA jersey on, it does mean a little bit more to us, but I'm just glad that we got the win and I'm just looking forward to winning our next game and I hope that we carry it over.

Q: were you trying to feed Tony a little bit to get him going?

LD2: yeah, definitely. I tell Tony, man, I'm saying, "you so big…" Off the court, he's a really nice guy. He's the coolest person to be around. He's real genuine. A really sweet kid. But it's like, on the court, I'm telling him, you go in there and try to "hurt" someone, man. When you're in the paint, roll hard to the cut, and I'll find you. I tell him that every day in practice. He finally got some minutes and you see it starting to pay off. So that's how you do it, man. I just try to keep his head up by telling him to play hard.

Q: you've been trying to feed him a lot though.

LD2: I mean, he's there. He's there. It's not like he's not there. It's not like I'm forcing the passes or anything to him. He's wide open on the cut and he can finish so it makes my job easier.

Q: he sometimes seems a little down on the court though when he's getting subbed out like that.

LD2: that's what I tell him. Like, especially this game, Travis [Wear] is hurt. He's not going to play. You're going to get a lot of minutes. Just go in here and just play your game. Let your game come to you and don't try to force anything. And I'm going to be looking for you, you know what I'm saying? It makes my job easier if you just go out there and "bang".

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