VIDEO: Anderson Talks USC

Kyle Anderson talks about the big win over USC on Sunday and how things changed drastically from the last game between the two teams...

Kyle Anderson after USC:


Q: how does it feel with being tied for a PAC-12 title?

KA: we just want to take it one day at a time. We have practice tomorrow. Got to focus in on Arizona State on Wednesday. Take it one day at a time. Try to be our best every day.

Q: I know you don't think about payback. But USC got you and so did Arizona State. Is that something that motivates you or at this stage of the game, it doesn't need that?

KA: no, it motivates me a lot. We want to get revenge on both teams that beat us. We got one already. So we're going into this game with a focused mindset.

Q: since that Cal game, you guys have been playing with tremendous confidence. Do you feel that permeating now?

KA: I think so. Everybody is trusting within each other. We can't have any lapses where we go back to being selfish. We've got to stay unselfish.

Q: with only a few games left, is motivation kind of one of the most important things for this team? Seems like there's been some games where maybe the energy's not as high, like the last game against ‘SC. When you guys get that motivation, you guys seem like a different team.

KA: yeah, definitely. It's real difficult, going through a season, is coming out to play hard every game. We've got some tough games coming up. Every tough game, we've been there to play hard. At least the effort's been there. We going to prepare for it and try to do our best.

Q: what did having 5 days of practice this week do for you guys?

KA: it did a lot for us as far as individually with everybody getting into the gym shooting and even as the team, jelling together. Gave us a day off to regroup. So it did a lot for us.

Q: did that translate immediately, the beginning of the game when you got off to that fast start? Could you just feel like everything was crisp?

KA: yeah, I think so. It's been a week since we've been out there but I think getting off to a good start was important and not having a game [last] Thursday or anything gave us a great boost in the beginning.

Q: the first time you guys played USC, they played off of Larry [Drew II] a lot. They were playing like 10 feet off of him. What's changed for you guys? Just him shooting better? Or are you guys doing something different schematically?

KA: it's been all Larry shooting way better. We didn't want to set our screens lower for Larry but him knocking down shots makes the defense play him honest.

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