VIDEO: Wear on Bigger Minutes

David Wear talks about playing bigger minutes in the absence of his brother, and how Tony Parker did in his own extended minutes...

David Wear after USC:


Q: was there anything, coming in, that you just knew that you had to step up on the boards today?

DW: I just saw the footage from the last game. I saw that defensively and offensively, we were kind of weak on the boards. It was an effort thing. We didn't really crash that hard and we just got "outphysicaled." So coming into the game, I just knew to mentally prepare myself for the battle. I just knew I had to step up. Be strong on the glass. Basically just try to keep my man off the glass and do what I can.

Q: Coach Howland said you guys watched the film. As a reminder of how bad it was. Did that help?

DW: yeah, absolutely. I think it definitely pulled at us a little bit just seeing how terrible we played, especially at home against a team like ‘SC. It was inexcusable. That definitely motivated us throughout the week at practice to come in here and get a win.

Q: how much of a confidence builder did you feel like this game was for you after struggling a bit over the past week?

DW: it's fine. It is what it is. Just come in and get more minutes and just take advantage of the opportunities when it's given to me. So that's about it.

Q: were you guys concerned at all when you had 2 fouls, with you, Kyle [Anderson], and Tony [Parker], were you conscious to try to play off a little bit?

DW: yeah, we knew we had 2 fouls. We had to play off a little bit. Don't pick up any cheap fouls.

Q: how big of a confidence boost do you think today was for Tony?

DW: I think it was huge. I think just being able to get his momentum going, his confidence up, and just come in and have a positive attitude and know what he's capable of doing. In a game like this, it's huge.

Q: and with it being a rivalry game, and the first time you guys beat ‘SC this season, especially for Larry [Drew II], it's the only time he's going to get to do it, is that something that holds a little bit more meaning, just in today?

DW: I think so. I think it just feels good just to beat a team that we know we're capable of beating. Especially after we lost somewhere. Having that feeling that we know we could play so much better and having lost on our home floor, it was really a tough feeling to have. We just wanted to come in here… We knew we were a better team. We knew we were better prepared. So we just wanted to come out here and execute.

Q: and when [J.T.] Terrell hit that 3 to cut it to 11, what was going through your heads and minds?

DW: we were up 11. Just be patient. I know we had a couple of rushed shots on offense. Our intensity was kind of breaking down a little bit. We just realized that we needed to be patient, use the clock to our advantage to kind of slow down and get our composure back.

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