VIDEO: Anderson on Parker

Kyle Anderson talks about how the lack of minutes have affected Tony Parker and how he has tried to help Parker through some of the frustration...

Kyle Anderson talks after the press conference:


KA: … you know, it's just all the talks we've had. I told him his chance is going to come. He just has to keep working as he has been doing and be ready. I tell him almost before every game, every practice, that your chance is going to come out here so you have to be ready. You either sink or swim.

Q: what was it like? You guys were all in here having those late-night shooting sessions. And 3 of you were having a really good amount of success but Tony [Parker] was [audio difficulties]. What was his mood like during that time?

KA: well, you know, he's not known to get down on himself. I think that's what it takes to handle the situation as well as he did. Just keep a level head. Continue to keep working hard. Don't let anything bother you. But he's done a great job with it. He's very mentally tough. It's shown. Because when we needed to go to him, he's come through and played very well. Played really well this last game.

Q: have you guys talked about [audio difficulties]

KA: excuse me?

Q: have you guys talked about your future in the offseason?

KA: oh, no. Not really. That's not something we talk about.

Q: there was talk of him maybe transferring at the semester or whatever. Do you talk to him about that?

KA: oh no. No. That has nothing to do with me.

Q: at any point, have you kind of noticed that he's been down a little bit and tried to pick him up a little bit?

KA: oh, definitely. It's tough for a kid's who's used to being the main focus for a team, to come out here and not play as many minutes as he would like, but I tell him all the time, me and Shabazz [Muhammad] and Jordan [Adams] tell him all the time that there's a time that we're going to need him where you're going to be as big as the other 3 freshmen. So don't worry about all this hype that we're getting or the hype that he's not getting. Don't worry about that. Just keep playing. Only get mad at what you can control. It's the only stuff that you can control.

Q: [audio difficulties]. ASU outrebounded you guys by I think 20 last time. Is that the number that's kind of stuck with you guys? That you know how well they did rebounding?

KA: yeah, well, a few games ago, Coach [Howland] made a stand where we didn't want to get outrebounded anymore so we've done a good job with that these last few games. So we're just going to try to use that, our physicality. To be tough in this game. we're going to battle on the boards.

Q: you're going to have to go up against [Jordan] Bachynski. He did well against you guys. What do you do to a guy like that who's so tall and has all those moves down low that obviously, he did so well last time…

KA: step up to the challenge. That's all there is to it. There's a challenge ahead of us. We're going to step up to it and be tough. Tough kids.

Q: does having Tony maybe playing a little bit more, does that help? Especially with how big he is, to have a center like that, that can really bang with a guy who's that tall?

KA: oh yeah, Tony's tough too. He's going to be ready too. We're going to make sure of that. It's just a big challenge. He's really good. We're just going to have to meet that challenge.

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