VIDEO: Adams after Presser

Jordan Adams talks about the upcoming game against the Arizona State Sun Devils and also discusses Tony Parker's mindset...

Jordan Adams talks after press conference:


Q: … did you guys fight together?

JA: yeah, yeah. Both.

Q: yeah? How's your friendship going over the years?

JA: our friendship's been great. We're very close friends.

Q: what was it like when he wasn't really playing so much? You came in here. You had that hot stuff that you had. You know, what was it like for you trying to keep his spirits up?

JA: it was tough. You don't want to go around bragging or talking about how good you're doing and your friend's [audio difficulties]. I just kept encouraging him and talking to him through it all.

Q: do you get the sense… you guys all came together for late-night shooting sessions and stuff. The 3 of you guys, Kyle [Anderson], Shabazz [Muhammad]. You guys were all having a good amount of success. He wasn't though. Did you get a sense that he was kind of down a little bit?

JA: yeah, you could tell, but I like how he stayed through it, and we kept telling him his time would come. He kept working hard at it so now it's paying off.

Q: what did you tell him?

JA: "your time will come eventually." Travis [Wear] got hurt unfortunately but Tony [Parker] was there to step up.

Q: do you guys have a sense of how close the season is to ending? Do you guys think about that at all? Can you feel the NCAA Tournament being close?

JA: yeah, we can feel it. We have 3 more games after tomorrow so that's going to end quickly. PAC-12 Tournament. Then the NCAA [Tournament]. So it's all going to happen fast.

Q: does that change the attitude at all? I know Shabazz started going especially… but there's some games… but maybe you guys didn't get up for certain games. Does that kind of make that a non-issue? That you can see up-close the postseason is and you guys are jockeying for position and that sort of thing?

JA: yeah, Coach [Howland] says every game is important. Can't take any game for granted. We have to be ready to play as soon as we step on the court.

Q: Coach always talks about how nice of a person Tony is. Do you think that's hurt him on the floor?

JA: no. I think he's a different person on the floor. If you hang out with him off the court and then see him on the court, he's a different person.

Q: Larry [Drew II] said he needs to be reminded sometimes to be a little more physical. To throw that weight around. Has he gotten better at that?

JA: yeah, yeah. He had an offensive foul the last game so he has been more physical.

Q: just in practice, does he seem like the strongest guy on the team? Challenge for that at least?

JA: yeah, I don't know. We don't really have the strongest guys on the team.

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