VIDEO: Muhammad on Pink Eye

Shabazz Muhammad talks about how he's recovering from pink eye, what kind of protective eye wear he'll have on, and Tony Parker's adjustment to college ball...

Shabazz Muhammad talks about pink eye:


Q: so Shabazz [Muhammad], obviously, the pink eye. How has that kind of affected things the last couple of games?

SM: it affects things a lot. Trying to get my shot and really practice. I'm having to have to practice with glasses on, and it's really hard when you don't wear glasses. You put your contacts in after the game. I thought in the ‘SC game, I didn't really shoot it well, but I kind of wasn't… my eye wasn't really open. But at least we got… that was a big win for us. So, I mean, I'm happy with the win.

Q: is shooting the biggest thing that affects when you've kind of got limited visibility?

SM: oh, yeah, absolutely. It seems like unproportional. I can't really see out of my right eye. But, I mean, it's really open now so I'll be fine tomorrow.

Q: is it weird wearing glasses with lenses?

SM: oh, absolutely. I never wore glasses even when I'm going to sleep. I take my contacts out and I'm sleeping. I don't wear glasses.

Q: you had those lens-less glasses though, right? The Russell Westbrook …

SM: yeah, yeah. So it's hard.

Q: is it tough? Pair of goggles coming in?

SM: oh yeah, but I'm not wearing them in the game. I'm going to wear contacts. But those are for practice. So those are only for practice for a couple of days.

Q: so you won't wear them for a game?

SM: no.

Q: have you ever worn goggles?

SM: no, I haven't worn goggles before but I just don't want to wear goggles because I've never worn them before so I don't want to risk anything and be uncomfortable on the floor, especially when it's crunch-time and we're trying to win so I can't rely on the goggles.

Q: you're able to wear the contacts?

SM: yeah.

Q: so they made you go get the Ray-Ban glasses?

SM: oh yeah, yeah. They made me go get them. I actually got them and now they're actually prescription so that's good.

Q: you like them? Do they work?

SM: yeah, I do like them a lot.

Q: what do they look like? Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]'s glasses?

SM: yeah… I mean, uh… oh, you're talking about for…

Q: your goggles.

SM: oh yeah, I have goggles coming. They're kind of funky-looking. They're black but I'm going to need them for now so I'll use them in practice and stuff like that.

Q: they're clear. They're not black, right?

SM: well, the [frame] is kind of like this [black], but I mean, they're black but the lens is clear yeah.

Q: not like Horace Grant glasses, right?

SM: no.

Q: have you ever played with goggles before?

SM: no, I have never played with goggles so…

Q: how much getting used to it is it going to take?

SM: yeah, but I'm not playing them in the game. I'm just going to play them and practice with them. But yeah, definitely don't want to play with them in the game because I don't want to risk anything. It's already tough enough to play against Arizona State and we're really trying to finish out strong and stay in first place.

Q: do you guys have a sense of how close the season is to being done? I mean, is there maybe a little bit more urgency in practice?

SM: oh yeah, a lot of urgency. We're right there. With Oregon and Arizona. And Oregon has a tough… has to play Colorado on the road. And Arizona has us. So, I mean, if we finish with wins and we do what we have to do, we're going to be in first place.

Q: how excited are you for Tony [Parker]?

SM: really excited. I mean, he finally got to play. I knew that game was coming for him. We told him to get ready to play, "you're going to play about 20 minutes." And he went out and played really hard. And Tony's such a big body and he finally used it against ‘SC and it was really hard for them to get over him.

Q: was there [audio difficulties]

SM: absolutely. He comes off from a high school team… and be a McDonald's All-American… it was really hard to sit down and watch guys play over him so we've always been there, supporting him, us 3 freshmen really been helping him so it's really been helping his game out a lot.

Q: what did you tell him?

SM: we just told him to stay in there, "your time's going to come." It's so funny because last week we said, "watch, you're going to play about 20 minutes next week." And we were like, "you're playing now." And he was like, "wow." He's been in the gym working so he deserves it.

Q: [audio difficulties]

SM: yeah, we told him that last week so it was crazy.

Q: how much of a difference do you think it'll make, especially against a guy like [Jordan] Bachynski?

SM: it makes a big difference. Tony's such a big body. Even with the Wears, they're not primary 5's. They're 4's. And Tony has that weight that he can throw against him, and I think that can really distract him a lot.

Q: what do you remember about [Carrick] Felix?

SM: yeah, he's a tough defender. He tries to match my intensity. He's really tough. Just got to make sure I just set up my man right and everything will go smoothly.

Q: he gets some NBA buzz. You've got some NBA buzz. Does that add any importance to you to maybe showcase your talents against an NBA-level defender like that?

SM: uh, yeah, I always try to show my talents even if it's against a guy who's not as good. I mean, I always want to go out and play and show my talents.

Q: do you say he's one of the better defenders you've gone up against?

SM: yeah, yeah, he's one of the better defenders. I mean, he's really good. Like I said, he just has a lot of intensity. And you've got to use that against guys sometimes so that's what I'm going to try to do tomorrow.

Q: how much are you guys still thinking about that loss, especially how badly you guys were beaten on the boards in that game?

SM: oh, we're really thinking about it. It's like the ‘SC loss. We're so ready to play tomorrow. I mean, it's not even funny. So we're going to go out and play and be ready to play.

Q: is it tough not to look at it to that Saturday game because [ESPN] Gameday is coming?

SM: oh, no. We're not looking forward to… we haven't even brought that game up. We're still focused on this Arizona State game and go out there and take care of business tomorrow.

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