VIDEO: Players after Win

Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson talk about how well they played against Arizona State and what it meant to pull out the big win...

Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams after Arizona State:


Q: looking at this now, would this type of game been a game you guys would have had much more difficulty winning back in November when you guys were new to playing college basketball? That the time that you've had?

Kyle Anderson: oh, yeah. I think being so deep into the season, I think we're more ready for this. We were really prepared. Down the stretch, we just... I told the team to stay calm through the storm, and we're going to pull this one out. We're definitely a better team right now than we were before in November.

Q: Jordan [Adams], the last time you guys played this team, you guys were beat badly on the boards and kind of bullied around. Did you guys feel yourselves playing together tonight, maybe standing taller?

Jordan Adams: yeah, I think we played tougher tonight. Coach [Howland] stressed it at practice so we came in with the mindset of just being tough and try to out-battle them on the boards.

Q: Kyle, did you get the sense that they were kind of leaving it all out there? Fighting for their tournament lives?

KA: oh, yeah, definitely. We knew we were going to get their best. You know, they're playing for postseason basketball so we knew we were going to get their best, but we just tried to come out there and match their intensity.

Q: what do you think was the difference between this game and the last time you played them?

KA: I think, you know, just… I think our effort was there this game rather than the game before when we lost. I think we all collectively played hard. We played together and it led us to victory.

Q: this is for both of you. Kyle, you had a career high tonight. Jordan, you and Shabazz [Muhammad] had over 20 points as well. How much did it mean for all 3 of you guys to play as well as you did tonight?

KA: well, it started tonight with [covering for] somebody who averages double digits in scoring. You know, we had to pick up the slack for scoring and rebounding and the post defense that Travis [Wear] brings every night. So, just other guys had to step in and help out Travis.

Q: Kyle, can you talk about what the difference was with Bachynski in this game compared to the last game? He kind of torched you guys inside last time.

KA: I'm going to actually give credit to us this time. I think we covered him really well. We knew what we wanted to do, and we knew what we wanted to take away. Rather than the last game where he had a monster game, I think we were more well-prepared for him this time.

Q: earlier in the season, Shabazz was kind of the go-to guy down the stretch, how much more comfortable do you guys feel [audio difficulties] and the shots he made this year and then Jordan today…

KA: oh well, we're going to be there for whoever takes that last shot or whoever… whatever happens, we're going to be there for him. So we just want everybody to know that. So when they do have a chance to take the last shot or whatever, that they do it with confidence and I think that my teammates would want me to do that. So we're rooting for whoever has the confidence to take it.

Q: Jordan, you guys can finally look at Saturday's game now. Seems like a pretty hyped-up game with ESPN coming in. What are you thinking, going into that one?

JA: we're thinking we have to come out and play hard. They're coming off a loss so they don't want to lose twice, and so they're going to come out fighting and we're going to have to match their intensity.

Q: Jordan, [audio difficulties]

JA: um, they were trailing me. Not really giving me open looks. In the second half, they kind of forgot about me and that freed me up a little bit.

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