Players Post-Arizona Game

Shabazz Muhammad, Larry Drew and Kyle Anderson talk about beating Arizona for a second time, and Muhammad addresses his coach's comments about it being his last game at Pauley Pavilion...


Q: Shabazz [Muhammad], just describe your mindset going for the defensive rebound there at the end.

SM: first of all, Larry [Drew II] did a great job on Mark Lyons at the end. He tried to get going at the beginning. [audio difficulties] It didn't matter until that last play. Larry played great D ball. I knew the ball was loose. I tried to make contact. But I wanted it so bad. I just tried to grab the rebound. I didn't care who was right there. And just tried to grab it and pulled it in tight.

Q: Ben Howland was just in here obviously and stated the obvious that that was your last game here at Pauley [Pavilion]. [audio difficulties]

SM: I mean, at least… it's still a long season of basketball. I mean, we don't know yet. I mean, like I said, I'm just going to enjoy this win right now. Arizona was a great team. The fans here were great. I think we broke the attendance record. And it was just a great win for us. We're [just happy].

Q: did any part of you think about that when you're at the line, that this might be your last time in Pauley?

SM: yeah, I kind of thought about it. But like I said, it's a long season. I just really thought about the big win. [audio difficulties] … that's one thing I really thought about. And that was kind of at the back of my head but I didn't really pay attention to it. I just wanted to worry about the win with my team.

Q: Shabazz, did you notice [audio difficulties]

SM: oh, yeah. The fans here are great. I enjoyed myself this whole year. And I've been going through a lot this year with injuries and just getting experience on the college level. And I'm just really happy that I came here and represented UCLA. It's a great school. And I just gained a lot of experience coming here. It's great.

Q: Larry, you seemed to be playing your best ball as the season draws to a close, [audio difficulties]

LD2: oh yeah. I think that, it being Senior Night. I really had a lot of my family and friends here at the game, supporting me. And just like the fans overall. And the atmosphere. I wanted to go out and have a good game today. More importantly, I just wanted to win. If I didn't play as well as I did and we got the win, I'd be just as happy. So I think that's all that matters.

Q: Kyle [Anderson], you were here in the morning. You saw [ESPN] GameDay do a show. And you saw the atmosphere here. Did you see this as kind of a showcase game maybe for yourself and the team? To go out on national TV and play like you did?

KA: no, not really. We just wanted to approach this just like every other game. We were well-prepared for it. And we just wanted to play our game and not let the GameDay hype get to us. Just do what we do.

Q: Kyle, I guess the same thing for Shabazz too, have you given thought to the future about maybe this might have been your last game today?

KA: no, I'm not really thinking about that. I'm too caught up in the season and what we can do to get better every day so I'm not thinking about what's going on after the season.

Q: Larry, you're an LA guy. You kind of know the rivalry with Arizona. How much more does it mean for UCLA to sweep the season series with Arizona?

LD2: it means a lot. They're two storied programs. A lot of guys that played for Arizona came out of LA. Myself, I know a lot of players just from playing against them back in the day. But overall, it's just two competitive programs and each want to win and have a history of winning. So it's obviously going to make for a great game like the way you saw tonight. I'm just glad that all of us came prepared, and I'm glad we got the win.

Q: Larry, your father was here. What did he say to you [audio difficulties] as they're playing the Lakers tomorrow night?

LD2: you know, it's crazy. Because my mother actually, she was kind of talking about it being my last game and whatever. And we were talking ticket situations. And she was like, "your father's coming too." And I was like, "he got a break or something?" And she was like, "no, we playing Lakers." And I was like, "wow. " Just so happens to work out. Big coincidence. I love the fact that he got to come see me play. You know, we didn't really talk so much beforehand. He just told me to go out there, have some fun, play your game, and lead your team. And I just try to go out there and win every game.

Q: Shabazz, you guys only have 2 games left. You're still in first place in the PAC-12. Do you guys feel like you guys are in the driver's seat for the PAC-12 title at this point, especially after these games?

SM: yeah, but I mean, we can't get too ahead of ourselves. I mean, going to Washington. That's some really tough places to play. At Washington, Washington State. This is definitely a win that we'll really enjoy. But right when we get down to Washington, Washington State, it's all business. I mean, it'd be really sweet if we win the PAC-12 so we're going to really go down there and focus and get these 2 days of practice that we have for Washington and get serious.

Q: Shabazz, how excited was Ben about that rebound in particular and did he say anything to you about it after the game or when you walked off the court?

SM: yeah, he said, "great effort." Just wanted to be competitive. I just like being competitive. I want my team to win. I just try to… I didn't know who was there. I just try to grab the ball and take possession of it. We were up 3 and just go down there to knock down the free throws to win the game. I just try to help my teammates out. I'm just happy. It was Larry's Senior Night, and I told him that we would win before the game so I had to make sure to hit those free throws for him.

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