VIDEO: Adams on NBA

Jordan Adams talks about the strides the team has made this season, his NBA prospects, Shabazz's decision, and where he needs to improve in the offseason...

Jordan Adams talks about the NBA:


JA: … I didn't realize it. I got classes in the morning so I didn't check it, but I think we're going to go out and win every game and not worry about our ranking.

Q: Arizona is still ahead of you.

JA: yeah, we figured that. It's alright.

Q: thanks, Jordan.

JA: no problem.

Q: now that you guys have had that kind of success, I remember earlier in the year, Howland said you guys didn't handle it so well when you had that 10-game winning streak and you guys kind of fell off a little bit. Have you guys talked about that? And kind of what you need to do this time, now that you are so successful now and hot again?

JA: no. We know what we have to do to win. Trust each other. So we're just going to go out there and play our game. Even if we win or lose. As long as we play how we know how to play.

Q: what do you think personally happened, when you guys had the 10-game winning streak and then you fell off a little bit?

JA: what did we lose to? Oregon? Was it Oregon?

Q: yeah, and then it was a couple…


JA: yeah, I don't really know. I thought we were playing really well up until that one loss. We didn't rebound well that game. But we've been really working on our rebounding. That's one thing that's cut into that.

Q: after kind of a big win like that, over Arizona, a ranked team, and all that stuff, do you kind of worry about a letdown in the next couple of games? You know, Washington State, maybe not as good of a team on the road, and that sort of thing?

JA: yeah, Coach warned us today at the beginning of practice that they're not having that good of a season so they would love to just spoil our season and then beat us. So he told us to be prepared and watch out for that.

Q: did he tell you about how difficult that road trip has been for UCLA in the past?

JA: yeah, he pulled the [audio difficulties] and told us it was going to be tough up there. We haven't played up there yet so… be prepared.

Q: Howland talked about Shabazz [Muhammad] taking off after this year after the game. Have you all talked about that, between the four of you? The four freshmen?

JA: yeah, we have. Yeah.

Q: what have those conversations been like?

JA: of course we're going to miss him. He's more than a basketball player. He's like a brother. Close friend. But we kind of knew his talents. That he had no choice but to leave. Because you don't want to stay and then something bad happens.

Q: so what does that mean for you and Kyle [Anderson]'s future? I mean, your name's been tossed out there a little bit. Have you thought about it? Has Kyle thought about it? About taking off?

JA: not really. We kind of knew. We want to develop our game more. Our bodies. We don't want to just jump into the fire.

Q: so you and Kyle are back?

JA: uh, I am. I'm coming back. I can say that. I don't know about Kyle.

Q: okay, cool.

Q: I mean, obviously, you've gone through most of the season now. What do you think are the biggest areas you need to improve as a player between this season and the next?

JA: um, stamina. I want to play the whole game without getting tired.

Q: right.

JA: That's just what I want to do.

Q: Do a lot of running this summer basically?

JA: yeah, get into a lot of shape this year.

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