VIDEO: Muhammad talks Future

Shabazz Muhammad talks about whether he's made an NBA decision, what would impact that decision, and how he keeps it from being a distraction...

Shabazz Muhammad talks about the NBA:


Q: … what has [college] done for you, just with all the things, you personally have done…

SM: oh, it's done a lot. College has been great. Just knowing the experience I've been getting from college… and it's been great. Just playing with my teammates and just having the experience under Coach Howland.

Q: is there anything that could keep you around or make you really seriously think about coming back?

SM: oh, yeah. I mean, I never said I wasn't coming back.

Q: some guy named Ben Howland said so…

Q: your "press agent."

SM: I never said I wasn't coming back even though I know I'm in a pretty good position, draft-wise. But, I mean, I'm looking at our team next year and we'd be really good. I'm just worried about this season right now and if it comes down to if I want to come back or not, that'll be after the season.

Q: how do you ignore that kind of talk when you're in the middle of the season like this?

SM: yeah, it's hard. They always talk about it especially that last game. They were saying it was my last game at Pauley [Pavilion]. It's hard. It's hard to just know… it's at the back of my mind. We have a big season ahead of us so we're really trying.

Q: I heard you threw your shoes into the crowd. Does that… I mean, did you kind of feel it yourself a little bit maybe that this was your last game then?

SM: oh, no. I always throw my shoes into the crowd. I mean, I've always done that in high school. So I mean, it's something I just thought. I just made sure I told the manager to make sure you get another pair of those shoes for me.

Q: it's an expensive hobby, isn't it?

SM: yeah, it is.

Q: Shabazz, what do you think about playing basketball this time of year? It was a very big-time game.

SM: oh, absolutely. That was such a big game for us, especially beating them twice. Arizona is such a good team. Their RPI is way high and that really helped us out a lot. And going forward, I think that's a really good win for us. And like I said, we have to go down to Washington State and really play.

Q: how does it compare with something like the state championship in high school or national all-star games?

SM: oh, yeah. I mean, in college, there's nothing like it. You just get the feel and the vibe of the fans. And last night was on a high level with the fan support and Arizona and ourselves. I mean, it was just a great all-around atmosphere for us.

Q: what are you expecting to… with… I know you're going to see the eye doctor. Do you think… Is he going to just… are you expecting, like, is everything fine? I mean, it still doesn't look quite right.

SM: yeah, it doesn't look quite right. So I'm just going to see if maybe I can wear my contacts because I'm tired of wearing glasses on the court so I mean… yeah, I'm just going to go see about that. Just try and take everything really serious because we're getting to the bulk of things for our season and to make a run in the tournament.

Q: your ankle alright?

SM: yeah, ankle's good. I mean, it's a little sore but I mean, like I said, I just have to take care of it and get healthy.

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