Brown to Check Out L.A. Schools

Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe athlete Jalen Brown was one player everyone was anxious to see at the NLA Las Vegas 7 on 7 event last weekend. Unfortunately, Brown was injured on one of the first plays of the first games of the tournament and had to miss the rest of the event...

Jalen Brown is a top 10 player in the West and an elite talent. He only played a few snaps in Vegas but even on the one play he was involved in and was injured on, you could see his immense talent.

It was a simple fade route but Brown, who has grown and looks noticeably bigger than a year ago, got early separation off the line, and showed incredible hands and body control in making a leaping catch in the end zone. That one play showed all you need to see about Brown and his immense upside and talent.

"I came down on my shoulder hard but the worst part was the defensive back landed right on it," Brown said. "I don't think it was hitting the ground, it was when he fell and rolled on it, that's what really hurt. I was hoping to be back for the second day of the event but I couldn't go and had to wear this sling but hopefully I'll be good to go in about a month or so."

Brown has the ability to play receiver or safety at the next level but made no bones about what his preference is.

"I definitely like receiver," Brown said. "I did pretty well on both sides of the ball but I think I would be a strong asset at receiver and that's where I enjoy playing the most as well. I'm just more comfortable there and that's where I would like to play in college."

On the recruiting front, Brown said he's not close to narrowing his list down and wants to go through the recruiting process.

"I'm going to visit USC and UCLA unofficially this weekend," Brown said. "I've already been to Arizona and Arizona State several times and I'm going to try and visit a few more in the summer. I don't have any planned but I would love to get out to the Midwest and to the South and see some schools.

"I'm looking at a ton of schools in those areas including Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame and Northwestern. My plan to is to narrow my list to 10-15 schools by the end of the summer, take all five of my official visits and then make a decision later in the year. Right now, I'm open to everyone and don't have any leaders."

Greg Biggins has been covering recruiting for over 15 years, covering the West since the mid-1990's and currently serves as a national analyst for
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