VIDEO: Anderson on Pac-12 Tourney

Kyle Anderson talks about the new uniforms for the Pac-12 Tournament and how it felt to pull off the regular season title...

Kyle Anderson on Tuesday:


Q: we're here with Kyle Anderson. So what did you think, wearing the new uniforms? What did you think of them?

KA: yeah, it was cool. Something different. So it's cool. I like them.

Q: have you heard some of the kind of noise they're getting on social media and that sort of thing?

KA: yeah, I understand a lot of people don't like them but I mean, it's just something different for us. We'll see how it goes. It's not really that big of a deal.

Q: so just talk about playing the last game against Washington, winning the PAC-12 championship. How does that feel for you? Obviously your first year here.

KA: it feels great to, you know, be PAC-12 league champs. It's such a tough league. But we fought long and hard this whole season so it was great.

Q: I mean, it kind of didn't happen the way you guys maybe expected it to. I mean, you had to kind of wait and see what Oregon did. Does that take anything away from it or is it still the same kind of feeling?

KA: oh no, it's the same kind of feeling. We were crowned the league champs and [audio difficulties].

Q: are you excited for the PAC-12 Tournament, playing potentially 3 games in 3 days?

KA: oh, yeah, I'm excited for that. You know, the PAC-12 is a really competitive conference so I'm excited to get a few shots at some other teams.

Q: Kyle, there was so much anticipation for this season of the class that was coming in, how do you feel that it played out? Are you satisfied with what happened?

KA: yeah, we ended up winning the league. I feel the freshmen really contributed as were the guys who were returning from last year's team. So everybody really pitched in and fought hard and we were rewarded with the league championship.

Q: what about your role? There was a lot of speculation about what position you would play, how you would play. How do you feel about your freshman year?

KA: I feel like I helped my team a lot just whether it was rebounding or being a second point guard out there on the floor. I feel like I gave a lot for my team so I'm very satisfied.

Q: and what difference did it make when Shabazz [Muhammad] was… got healthy and could play? What difference does he make?

KA: he makes a big difference. He gives us a big scoring load on offense. He's a good competitor on defense. Another help on the defensive boards. You know, he helps us out a lot.

Q: do you think the youth hurts at all going into the NCAA Tournament? Do you just look at it as just everybody's young?

KA: no, I think we're sophomores by now. I don't think youth really bothers us anymore. We've played enough games where we're able to do well.

Q: this past week, I mean, it seems like maybe your shot wasn't falling as well as you would've liked but it seemed like you kind of took rebounding pretty personally this weekend and you rebounded really well in the Washington game especially… is that something you kind of tried to do, if your shot's not falling, kind of take advantage of your rebounding skills?

KA: well, yeah, I'm going to do that regardless. So whether my shot's falling or it's not. It's something I go out there with a focus and you know, just try to do my best on the glass.

Q: Cool.

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