VIDEO: Adams About Freshman Team

Jordan Adams talks about his disappointment with the all-freshman team and also discusses the importance of the Pac-12 Tournament for seeding in the NCAA tournament...

Jordan Adams on the importance of the Pac-12 Tournament:


Q: … fatigued or was this just what you expected it to be?

JA: I hit a wall in the middle of the conference but I think I overcame that pretty well and we were still pretty successful as a team.

Q: were you mad about the first-team ballot for PAC-12 or whatever?

JA: no, I had no control over that so it is was it is.

Q: will it fuel you this week?

JA: it'll fuel me but I'm not mad about it.

Q: were you expecting to make the team?

JA: I expected to, but it's whatever.

Q: what did Shabazz [Muhammad] and Kyle [Anderson] say to you about [audio difficulties]

JA: they were saying to take it out on your next opponent but I told them not to worry about it. It's alright.

Q: Shabazz said that Coach Howland has loosened up a lot over the course of the season. Have you seen the same thing? How different is he from maybe those first few weeks when you guys were in practice, he didn't really know you guys that well?

JA: he loosened up. He lives with our mistakes more now. He just lets us play. He trusts us out there on the court.

Q: does that say something about him? I know, you know, everyone has talked so long about how half-court offense is his thing, and he's kind of opened it up for you guys and trusted you. Does that say anything about how he's coached this year, that he trusts you guys in that way?

JA: yeah, he does. With Larry [Drew II] being so fast and me and Shabazz on the wings, he just was like, "we'll run this year." So I think that was a great adjustment that he made, and it's been beneficial.

Q: he kind of realized what he had, I guess?

JA: yeah.

Q: Jordan, you guys have played your best when something's on the line for you guys. Do you feel like you're going into this tournament with something on the line or because you've already got a tournament bid, rather there's not really much going?

JA: that's a good point. I think we need to bring it because we do play better when there's something on the line but us being at the top since we just won, that the bulleye's on our back and we have to come out with a focus.

Q: how big of a goal is winning this PAC-12 Tournament? You're supposed to win the PAC-12 Conference season.

JA: it's a big goal because we really want to get seeded high in the Tournament. To have an easier route. So we really need to focus and try to win the whole thing.

Q: has Howland… has Coach kind of emphasized the importance of a high seed in the NCAA Tournament to you guys?

JA: oh yeah, he has. He gives us little notes every day that if we win this PAC-12 Tournament, we can probably get seeded in the West and have a little bit of an advantage with our fans and our students.

Q: what do you think of the new jerseys?

JA: I like them. They're different. Most people don't but I like them.

Q: what do you think the whole team's feelings is?

JA: everybody likes them too.

Q: [audio difficulties]

JA: no.

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