Sampson Says He's 85% Committted

The running back from Tacoma, Washington, Shelton Sampson, who committed to UCLA in June, says he's still considering Notre Dame and intends to take an official visit to South Bend...

Shelton Sampson, 5-10, 175, Tacoma (Wash.) Clover Park, who verbally committed to UCLA June 28th, right after attending UCLA's four-day camp, said he's "85%" committed to UCLA at this time, and that he plans to take an official trip to Notre Dame.

"Right now, I'm in the midst of thinking," Sampson said. "I've been doing research, thinking about the whole college thing. I realize that you can make a commitment to a school emotionally, but you have to think about it. It's four years of your life.

"I'm 85% committed to UCLA. I'm just making sure that it's the right school for me. Notre Dame is still in the picture. I called [Notre Dame] Coach Davie and talked to him about the recruiting process. I talked to him about both schools, how I committed to UCLA. Coach said I have a scholarship at Notre Dame, so no matter what happens I still have a scholarship there. But they're not pressuring me. He told me to always keep that in mind. And he said they have a lot to offer, that I fit in at their school. No pressure, but telling me that it's a real good school. I'm just trying to make sure that I'm making the right decision. It's stilly early in the recruiting process. If it's meant for me to go to Notre Dame, then I'll go to Notre Dame."

Currently, college coaches cannot call a recruit until September 1st, while a recruit, of course, can call the school. Sampson said he hadn't spoken to the UCLA coaches since June.

Sampson also said that he plans on taking an official visit to both UCLA and Notre Dame. "I haven't scheduled the visits yet, I haven't scheduled the visit to Notre Dame. But I want to go in December, hopefully."

When asked if he had discussed taking an official visit to Notre Dame with UCLA, Sampson said, "They already know that I'm thinking of taking another trip." UCLA and Notre Dame are the only schools Sampson said he's considering.

The 17-year-old said that recruiting is a bit of a stress for a teenager, especially one who's trying to stay focused on the business at hand. "I'm trying to stay relaxed and focused for the football season and my academics. Recruiting can get so big that sometimes you have to remember that you have a senior year and a team. So you have to weigh it out and stay focused."

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