VIDEO: Drew Post-Game

Senior point guard Larry Drew talked about his stellar game against Arizona State Thursday in the Pac-12 Tournament...

Larry Drew talked from the locker room after the Arizona State game.


LD2: … I trust in Travis [Wear]. He just knocks it down. I don't really know how he was shooting prior to that, but I don't think he made too many outside jumpers. But just stay with it, man.

Q: looked like Jordan [Adams] kind of shaded toward you and that's why he was open on that.

LD2: yeah.

Q: thank you.

Q: was that as hot as you can remember being from the field in a game in awhile?

LD2: in awhile, yeah. In awhile. At least since high school. Definitely. Getting back to my ways, man.

Q: did you make any adjustments when you… you were saddled with 4 fouls for a lot of the second half.

LD2: not really. It was, I mean, just the whole flow of the game, there was no room to be, you know, timid or play soft. I talked to the refs a little bit, you know. I felt like a couple of the calls were a little bit wishy-washy. But I really just took it upon myself to stay aggressive, especially on the defensive end. Trying to guard someone like Jahii Carson, you know, you have to stay aggressive.

Q: does a game like this kind of prove that you guys can be "scrappy," I guess, would be the word, that you guys can "scrap" together games, late especially.

LD2: yeah, most definitely. It shows that we have a whole lot of weapons on this team. You know, some nights, you know, some guys might be on. Other nights, other guys might be on. But it's a total team effort. That's one thing I preach to my guys, day in and day out.

Q: why doesn't it always click for this team at the beginning of games?

LD2: I have no clue. I have no idea, man. But you know, hey, I hope it does. I hope it does start to click. Start putting halves together. Entire games together. But at this point right now, I don't really have too much to complain about. We're winning. That's all I care about.

Q: do you have it at the back of your mind, that, you know, we can come back from anything because you have come back after falling down by…

LD2: yeah, we have. We just proved that tonight. Or today. And again like I said, hopefully we won't have to keep coming back in games and fighting and struggling.

Q: but you're okay with that?

LD2: I mean, yeah. We win. That's all that matters.

Q: Larry, did you make a decision that you had to pick up the scoring when like Shabazz [Muhammad] isn't shooting that well or is just the flow of the game?

LD2: it's the flow-of-the-game thing. You know, I'm an instinctive player. I don't like "thinking" when I play. I just like to let my natural instincts take over. And like you said, over the course of the game, it's just the whole flow. I think after the first bucket that I scored, I noticed that on the wing ball screens, they were forcing me down and I was like, "I don't know why you did that." I just took the lane that was there. Easy layup. Just tried to keep attacking after that.

Q: when they're sagging off of you like they did for a lot of the game, I mean Carson looked like he was sagging. Do you feel like that you want to look to score more when you're seeing that? Because it didn't seem like you did initially and then you took advantage of it.

LD2: yeah. Yeah. I remember the first game in Tempe. It was like the first game all year I noticed the opposing team not even guarding me. Just sagging off me all day at the free throw line when I got the ball, you know, beyond the arc and stuff. If that's how you're going to play, I'm going to have to make you pay.

Q: Larry, you cut it to 3 early in the second half. They ran off 12 in a row. Now you're down 15 again. How do you keep the team composed? And from not panicking?

LD2: it's a long game, man. Just telling my guys, just keep fighting. You know, basketball is a game of runs. You can't hang your head. The game's not over until the buzzer sounds. And my guys showed a lot of heart today and I'm proud of it.

Q: did you do anything differently in the last 10 minutes than say, in the first 30? I don't mean you personally.

LD2: I think guys just… that switch went off. I don't want to call it a switch because I don't want guys to think you can just turn it on or turn it off. But maybe it was just that "code red" type, you know what I'm saying? That you're, okay, down 15 points, it's the PAC-12 Tournament, #1 seed. At some point, we're going to have to make a stand here. Otherwise, we're going to be going home early. And nobody wanted to do that.

Q: ASU blew a lead in your place before and you caught them and beat them in overtime. Did you see any panic in their eyes in the last 10 minutes or so?

LD2: I didn't notice anything. They weren't really showing any signs of weakness or giving up. or anything like they were going to quit or lay down. They're a great, great team. You know, they've been giving us fits all year. So luckily for us, we just hung in there and got the win.

Q: Larry, I think you're leading the team now in 3-point shooting percentage. Do you think you need to look for that more often, especially with how you're performing now?

LD2: if it's there and I'm open, yeah, I'll take the shot. Again, I'm an instinctive player. I'm not rally going to go out there and force anything. But like I said, if the teams continue to sag off of me and want me to shoot and dare me to shoot, I'll shoot.

Q: were you a little surprised, when you got your fourth foul, that they didn't really come… I mean, they went off the ball-screen but they didn't come right at you to try to draw that foul. Are you a little surprised they didn't try to draw that a little bit more deliberately?

LD2: no, I feel like they did. They were ball-screening all game and I think I picked up like 2 of my fouls off of pick-and-rolls. Again, like I said, games like that, there's no time for me to play timid or play unaggressive, nonaggressive. Just had to stay in there and stick with it. Luckily, we got the win. Everything took care of itself.

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