Interviews: More Bruins After ASU Win

David Wear, Jordan Adams, Kyle Anderson and Larry Drew all talked Thursday after UCLA's win over Arizona State in the second round of the Pac-12 Championship...

David Wear: Watch Here

Q: Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with David Wear. David, a slow start for you guys. How did you guys turn it around in the second half?

DW: I mean, we just stayed with it. I mean, you know, I think that was huge for us, just getting down a little bit and battling back. I mean, this is a new arena for us. They played here yesterday so they were a little bit adapted to it. But just to persevere like that and to come back, down 15, is a good sign for us.

Q: going into tomorrow, what kind of momentum do you think this gives you?

DW: I mean, it's a good momentum builder. Just because they were a great team. We realize we just beat a really good team. We persevered. We knew what we were capable of doing. And then going in and playing I think, Arizona or Colorado, that'll be a good boost for us.

Q: and what do you think of the new jerseys?

DW: I don't know. I mean, I guess I like them.

Q: they helped you. You guys won, right?

DW: they're a little different. They're nice. I like them.

Q: alright, good luck tomorrow.

Jordan Adams: Watch Here


Q: I'm with Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with Jordan Adams. A little bit of a slow start. How did you guys turn it around?

JA: I guess, it's being down. We wanted to win really bad so that just gave us the extra fight in us in the second half to come out harder.

Q: at any point, did you realize the season's on the line here and you guys had to step it up?

JA: yeah, we knew, coming into this game, that if we lose, our season will go downhill even though we'll still be in the Tournament, but they were fighting for their lives, trying to get into the NCAA Tournament. So they gave us all they had.

Q: what really changed the momentum in the second half? Obviously [Shabazz] Muhammad and [Larry] Drew [II] dropped a few shots. What were you guys able to get going?

JA: Kyle [Anderson] hit 2 big shots coming out of the break. And Larry did a very good job, in the second half, on [Jahii] Carson. And ‘Bazz started with his intensity on the offensive glass.

Q: you guys are going to the semifinals. There were huge cheers in the locker room. How excited about you guys to kind of live for another day?

JA: it feels great. That was a tough win. They're a great team. But we still have unfinished business tomorrow.

Q: good luck tomorrow.

JA: thank you.

Larry Drew: Watch Here


Q: I'm with Larry Drew [II], I'm Lindsey Thiry. Larry, a big comeback for you guys. At what point did you decide that you just had to turn it around?

LD2: man, just… I don't really think it was any particular point. We knew that we were down for the majority of the game and that we would have to just keep fighting, keep sticking with it in order to come back. And that's what we did.

Q: a couple big shots by Shabazz [Muhammad]. A couple big 3's by you. Is that really kind of the point where you felt that we could still get into this, we can still win this?

LD2: you know what? It's weird. Because like the way the gym is set up, I think, I could be wrong, but I'm looking around for the scores but I think the only place they had the actual scores on the screen… so it's like…. Honestly, I didn't even really know the score for like the majority of the game. Like I would just have to look up, coming out of timeouts, when I'm on a certain side of the court. But you know what? I just fed off the energy of the crowd, off the coaches, off my teammates and just never gave up.

Q: Jahii Carson really powered that team yesterday. How were you guys able to contain him today?

LD2: the team. Just everybody together, man. It's funny because, you know, yesterday in the film session, we're looking back at our old games against Arizona State and Coach is showing us particular plays where Jahii is breaking me down off the dribble and getting to the rim and everybody's joking me for it and everything, but I'm like, "yo, where's my help? Where's my help side?" And the guys are like, "you've got to keep him in front." I'm like, "you keep Jahii in front, by yourself." But I mean, it's all fun and games. Everybody on the team… we're like brothers. It's a real camaraderie that we have here. That's what it took.

Q: one game at a time. You guys now move into the semifinals. You have to get some fresh legs under you. What do you guys think you still have left in the tank going through the PAC-12 Tournament?

LD2: we're ready. We're ready for anybody and anything that comes our way. We're not going to back down from anything. We're ready for whoever wins this game between Arizona and Colorado.

Q: and you guys are wearing these new slick jerseys?

LD2: oh yeah, I like these jerseys. I don't know if we're going to wear them tomorrow, but we'll see. Like I told the last reporter, "I don't think the clothes make the man, the man makes the clothes."

Q: and you guys just made them good luck.

LD2: yeah. We made them look good.

Q: alright, good luck tomorrow.

LD2: appreciate it.

Kyle Anderson: Watch Here


Q: I'm with Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with Kyle Anderson. Kyle, a little bit of a slow start. How did you guys get it turned around there in the second half?

KA: well, I think, you know, we just came out with intensity. Cut the lead. They built the lead again after. But, you know, I think we just buckled down, and got together and was able to take the lead late in the game.

Q: at what point did you guys kind of realize that this is the season on the line and the urgency really kicked in?

KA: well, in the beginning of the game, that was the emphasis that, you know, we're playing for our season, but I think in the second half, we came out and, you know, we realized that we really had to pick it up.

Q: [Jahii] Carson really carried their team yesterday. How did you guys stop him today?

KA: we just wanted to contain him. It's really hard to stop him. So containing him was our best bet. Fortunately, he missed some shots down the stretch that were big for us.

Q: couldn't help but hear all of the cheers outside of the locker room when Coach [Howland] came in, what's just the kind of emotion in here right now?

KA: you know, just excited, you know, we live to see another day. We fought back really hard so we're happy.

Q: good luck tomorrow.

KA: thank you.

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