VIDEO: Drew Fights Back Tears

Larry Drew talks from the locker room just after he had been told about the loss of Jordan Adams to a broke foot...

Larry Drew answers questions about losing Jordan Adams.


LD2: well, I mean, if anybody watched that game today, Jordan [Adams] really sacrificed his entire body the entire game. [audio difficulties] and he's a tough kid. I'm sure if it was up to him, he'd come out tomorrow and still play but that's just the kind of player that he is. This has been hard for us all year. With the transfers. Just nagging injuries. Now this. It's tough, you know. If there's something about this team, we find ways to make things happen when it seems like all is lost. And things are getting tough, you know. Not to say that everything is lost right now but for one, I'm just so proud of Jordan. Not for the way that he played tonight but everything that he's done all season. I just wish him a speedy recovery.

Q: Larry, how did you guys find out?

LD2: just now in the press conference. One of the reporters had mentioned to Coach Howland that CBS Sports had tweeted out that Jordan had broke his foot and was out for the season. All we knew was that he was just going to get X-rays. We didn't know if it was true or not. After, walking out, just now, in the hallway, [audio difficulties] our sports medicine trainer let Coach know and we found out.

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