VIDEO: Post-Game Player Interviews

We talk with Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson, Travis Wear and David Wear from the locker room after the win over Arizona in the Pac-12 Tournament...

One-on-one interviews after the Bruins 66-64 comeback win over Arizona..
Please note, these were done before the news of Jordan Adams' broken foot...

Kyle Anderson


Q: Q: Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with Kyle Anderson. Kyle, another day, another comeback win for you guys. How did you pull it out at the end?

KA: well, you know, I think we just made game-winning plays. That's all. A lot of 50/50 balls we got to first. I think that's going to lead to us winning games.

Q: change of momentum came with the technical free throws. Then you guys… really, it felt, "we're going to go the entire way." Did you guys feel that on the bench and on the floor?

KA: yeah, we did, but the main thing was to keep our composure, being down so much and that's exactly what we did.

Q: yesterday, you guys were down against ASU. Today, down obviously against Arizona. Is it something that you guys need to learn how to kind of come out and start faster than what you have been?

KA: I think it is. I think we need to put a whole game together for 40 minutes and try not be behind so many games and try to fight back. But we did a good job of fighting back. Hopefully we'll come out with a good spark tomorrow.

Q: 3 games in 3 days to get to the PAC-12 Tournament Championship, do you guys think you have some energy left for tomorrow?

KA: oh, yes, but it's going to require a lot off-the-court. Proper rest. Good food. And you know, we'll be ready for tomorrow.

Q: March basketball. Is this what it feels like at UCLA?

KA: I guess so. It's my first time doing this. It feels great to actually be undefeated in March.

Q: good luck tomorrow.

KA: thank you.

Shabazz Muhammad


Q: Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with Shabazz Muhammad. Shabazz, another late comeback for you guys. How did you do that tonight?

SM: yeah, we just played hard. I mean, Arizona played a really good game on defense. And just gave it our all. We have a lot of options on offense, and Jordan [Adams] played really well.

Q: [UCLA] shot the 2 technical free throws. Did you feel like that was a turning point in momentum for you?

SM: oh, absolutely. I mean, it was really a turning point for us when they started getting down on themselves and from there, we pretty much carried our offense and it worked really well for us.

Q: over the last two days, you guys have made it a habit of digging yourself a hole and then getting out of it the last few minutes of the game. is that something that you guys would like to carry on or hopefully change tomorrow?

SM: got to change. I mean, especially with the teams we're going to be playing. Sometimes, you can't get that. You won't be able to get up like that. So if we play hard like that in the second half, from the beginning, we're one of the best teams in the country.

Q: March basketball at UCLA. Is this what it's all about?

SM: it's all about. I mean, it's great. I'm from Las Vegas. At the Championship. We're just playing well.

Q: tomorrow, PAC-12 Tournament Championship. How important is it for you guys to get the win there?

SM: really important. I mean, this was a great win for us. We're on to the next one. And we're really going to prepare for Oregon or Utah.

Q: good luck tomorrow.

SM: thank you.

David Wear


Q: Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with David Wear. David, another late comeback by you guys. How did you do it today?

DW: I mean, just toughness. I mean, learning from what, you know, we did yesterday, we knew we were down 15 in the second half yesterday, we were down 11 today. We knew we had it in us to come back and get the win and we just, you know, stuck with it and executed down the stretch, and that's what it took.

Q: what do you think that's causing the slow start for you guys?

DW: I mean, I don't know because, you know, we come out prepared. I think it's just… you know, I think it's the other teams that are just as prepared as we are. And you know, it's a battle. I mean, the first half, it was 2 points, 4 points. It was right there. Then in the second half, you know, they kind of built the lead up, but we showed great toughness and were able to trim that lead down and get the win.

Q: you guys tied the game on a couple of technical free throws. What kind of change of momentum was that?

DW: that was a huge change of momentum just because I think that might have been our first lead of the game and it was in, you know, the final four minutes or whatever it was so that was big time. We knew that the momentum had swung in our direction. We knew that we just needed to, you know, keep building off that and we were just going to be right there in the end.

Q: 3 games, 3 days. Tomorrow, the PAC-12 Tournament Championship game. How much do you guys have left in the tank?

DW: I mean, it's the Championship game so everybody's going to be ready to go.

Q: March basketball. Is this what it's all about at UCLA?

DW: yeah, absolutely. This is the reason we come to UCLA for. This is what we're ready for. This is what we worked all season long for.

Q: good luck tomorrow.

DW: thank you.

Travis Wear


Q: for Fox Sports Next. I'm Lindsey Thiry, with Travis Wear. Travis, you guys are making a little bit of a habit out of coming back late in the game. How did you do it today?

TW: you know, we never gave up. We dug deep. You know, Jordan [Adams] put us on his back in the second half and hit big shots for us. We got stops on defense and we capitalized on their turnovers.

Q: is this what March basketball's all about at UCLA? Peaking at the right time and coming together?

TW: yeah, exactly. You know, we don't want to make it a habit of getting down and, you know, trying to claw back into it, but you know, it's a good trick to have to come out with a win in the end, no matter what.

Q: 3 wins this season over Arizona. How do you think you guys were able to overcome the deficit today?

TW: you know, we just thought… we never gave up. You know, we were in the same position yesterday. You know, we focused on our principles and what we had to do to execute. We dug deep on defense. We boarded better in the second half and, you know, we made some baskets on offense.

Q: 3 games in 3 days. You guys have something left in the tank for that championship game?

TW: yeah, I think so. You know, everybody's a little tired right now, but I think we'll go, you know, hydrate, get some rest and be ready to go tomorrow.

Q: good luck.

TW: thank you.

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