VIDEO: Drew on Adjusting Offense

Larry Drew talks about how the team attempted to adjust to the loss of Jordan Adams, what worked, and what didn't...

Larry Drew after Oregon loss:


LD2: … the conference tournament is that, you know, we're going to move on to the NCAA Tournament. And have a chance to redeem ourselves.

Q: Thank you.

Q: just talk about the experience the last time, because you were in the ACC Tournament, [audio difficulties] with the atmosphere and just how competitive, I guess.

LD2: umm. Yeah, man.

Q: it's obviously different. [audio difficulties]

LD2: it's different. It's different. In the ACC Tournament, you're all in Greensboro [North Carolina]. It's 4 teams. You try to have fans that are just all nearby and can come out. Out here, there's no team in the PAC-12 from Nevada or Las Vegas. It leaves a lot of room for all types of fans, just I mean, in showing support for their teams. Really, I like the atmosphere. I enjoyed it. I think the fans are great. I think teams were pretty pumped. It is Las Vegas, a lot of lights and everything. Showtime out here. So I felt like everybody came out and performed.

Q: Larry, Coach Howland was pretty animated tonight and probably really the last couple of days, it seemed like, and not just the technical but you know, just kind of coming out on the court and greeting you guys and that sort of thing, did you notice that? And was that any different from him, do you think?

LD2: well, I mean, you know, I feel like everybody is a lot more, you know, has a lot more character, just playing with more emotion, playing with more passion. This year's been crazy for us. We're on a rollercoaster ride to say the least. A lot of ups. A lot of downs. Especially, you know, getting the #1 seed in this tournament and winning outright in the conference. That means a lot to me and to my teammates and to the program in general so there's a lot riding on us. You know, it's a lot of expectations for us so guys are going to be more animated.

Q: evaluate how you guys did without Jordan [Adams] tonight.

LD2: I feel like our guys played hard. A couple of mental lapses. Fatigue finally set in a little bit. Again, I'm not trying to make excuses. I think guys really, really tried their hardest out there tonight and probably… I mean, I'm obviously disappointed, but I'm proud of the way we came out and we competed and didn't give up so… since yesterday, since we found out that Jordan wasn't going to be playing, we were saying that we were playing this game for Jordan. Obviously, it's very disappointing to not win. But it's not over yet.

Q: in the first half, there were a couple of plays where you got plays called for you to come off the screen and shoot the ball. Were you feeling kind of compelled to shoot a little bit more and was a little bit more focused on your shot?

LD2: well, prior to the game earlier today, Coach Howland actually told me we would be running more plays for me to come off like down screens, baseline screens, and twirls, whatever, double screens, to free me up so I can look for my shot a little bit more, but that places other guys in different positions on the court that they're not used to playing. So we scrapped that idea pretty early on just because we're not used to having me play the Jordan Adams role and moving everybody else all around so…

Q: yeah, it looked like Norman [Powell] started to get more plays run for him in the second half. Is that the kind of the adjustment?

LD2: yeah, I mean, it's 3 games in 3 days. It's not much time to prepare. And not much time to practice. You know, it's been a core group of guys that you've been with all year so you just got to learn.

Q: are you as comfortable shooting off the catch as you are shooting off the dribble? Is one different than the other?

LD2: not really. I mean, I can shoot the ball.

Q: I ask because Jordan's a big catch and shoot guy.

LD2: I mean, Jordan can shoot off the dribble too. Jordan can fill it up either way. So can myself.

Q: it seemed like you were pretty devastated yesterday. Was the team over hearing that news yet? I mean, was it lingering into today?

LD2: are we "over it"?

Q: yeah.

LD2: I mean, I don't think I'll be "over" the fact that we just lose a player like Jordan Adams this far along in the season. Obviously, it affects me. It affects my teammates. It affects the coaching staff. It affects the whole program. But I just think I was caught up in the moment yesterday, just hearing the news and, you know, trying to stay optimistic about him. Because right after the game, I saw him limping and I walked over to him, and I was like, "yo, it's good. We just won the game." He was like, "my foot, my foot." I mean, I didn't have it in my mind that it was broken.

Q: he didn't know it was broken.

LD2: yeah, but then, you know, again, just trying to stay optimistic. Right then, it was pretty overwhelming. But you know, it's part of the game, man. Stuff happens. And you just have to learn how to keep pushing and bounce back.

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