VIDEO: Powell on Replacing Adams

Norman Powell talks about his different responsibilities in replacing Jordan Adams and how he felt he did throughout the loss to Oregon...

Norman Powell after Oregon:


NP: … I feel like we're going to be a solid team.

Q: was there a lot of tinkering done to the game plan last night? I know you just had a walkthrough. But was there a big change in the game plan with Jordan [Adams]'s absence?

NP: a little bit. A lot of players had to play different positions that they weren't accustomed to. Because Jordan's a 3-2. And you know, a lot of people had to play 3 or 4 positions out there so it was hard to adjust without a preparation day but I mean, that's not any excuse for losing. We still have to go out there and play the game. Get stops or do whatever you need to do to win. It's hard but we've got to work on that. It's not an excuse.

Q: do you feel any kind of pressure on yourself to, I don't know, take more shots, or be more of a … a bigger part of the offense with Jordan out?

NP: no, I didn't feel any pressure at all. You know, my teammates kept the pressure off of me and I know I can play basketball. It's not my first time out there. If I'm out there, I have to score or shoot or whatever. I didn't feel any pressure. I just knew I had to go out there and play my game and play within myself and keep composed and help this team win or give them the best opportunity to win.

Q: coming out in the second half, you really started to… it looked like you really got comfortable out there. You hit that 3 and then you had, I think, where you got fouled and you shot a couple of free throws. Did it take you kind of a half to really get into the rhythm of the game?

NP: no, not really. I know I can shoot. Not every shot you're going to take is going to go in. Really coming out in the second half, I just know I had to go back to the basics and stick to my follow-through, my routine, getting a little bit of arc on the ball and just shooting it with confidence. Coming out of the second half, I feel like I did that. And my shots were able to drop. And being in the gym, a couple of nights, getting the shots up. So I mean, they're going to fall eventually. Just got to stay confident. Stay with it.

Q: Coach talked about not having time to make a lot of adjustments to the game plan. Were you… Did you kind of have to play certain parts of Jordan's role that maybe don't fit your game perfectly?

NP: no, not at all. I feel like I'm able to adjust to any type of ball when I'm in there. I feel like I'm a versatile player. I can do whatever needs to be done. You know, whatever Coach needs me to do, is assigned to me for that game, I'm able to go in there and do it to the best of my abilities. And my teammates are there, helping me, cheering me on, telling me what I need to do. There's a lot of adjustments…

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