UCLA Evaluations from IMG 7on7

Several 2014 and 2015 UCLA prospects shined at the 7on7 in Newbury Park on Sunday, including 2015 St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen...

Quarterback Josh Rosen
2015 Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco:

Rosen was one of the best players on the field on Sunday, regardless of position. He has a big arm, throws over the top, and has good, clean mechanics with little wasted motion. He hit a couple of very impressive deep bombs throughout the early games, and didn't come close to getting intercepted that I saw (and I watched the majority of his snaps). He can make all the throws, with nice touch on the shorter stuff as well. Rosen is a big, strong quarterback, looking all of 6'3.5 and filled out through the shoulders. There is some thought that he could be an early lean to Stanford, with parents who went Ivy, but much will hinge on how the quarterback depth charts look at the schools he's interested in. He said he's hearing the most from Stanford, California, and UCLA, with Taylor Mazzone recruiting him for the Bruins.

Quarterback Tyler Hilinski
2015 Upland (Calif.):

Hilinski was probably the second best among the quarterbacks on Sunday. He's got good size, at probably about 6'2 or 6'3, and throws a nice, catchable ball. On shorter throws, he tends to throw sidearm to kind of fit the ball in, and there is some inconsistency in his mechanics. He showed nice touch on a couple of deeper throws, and his footwork is pretty solid. Unlike a lot of quarterbacks, he seemed to be using the 7 on 7 to practice his deeper drops.

Cornerback Naijiel Hale
2014 Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco:

Hale won the defensive MVP honors on the day, and for good reason. In press coverage, he's a force, because he has the strength to keep receivers in front of him while also having the speed and hips to turn and run with them once they beat the press. He has good instincts, including a nose for the ball that nearly led him to a couple of picks that I saw. He told me that right now Arizona leads for him, because they've been on him the most, but said that UCLA has gotten more involved in recent weeks, with Coach Mora giving him some personal attention.

Receiver D.J. Riggins
2014 Westlake (Calif.) Oaks Christian:

Riggins keeps performing well at each of these events throughout the spring. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Riggins caught over 50% of the balls thrown during his team's games. He has a knack for getting open by shuffling his feet and making a quick move to one side or another—a key asset in a slot receiver type. He has a bit of a swayback, so you might worry about his ability to carry more weight down the line, but with his quickness, he could provide a steady pass catching threat out of the slot. He has very good hands as well, catching most everything thrown his way.

Receiver Erik Brown
2014 Fontana (Calif.) Summit:

Brown only played in two games on Sunday because his team was seeded fairly well, but he shined in his few catches. He has an excellent burst off the line and then somehow hits another gear when he makes a move in his route. He made one double move where he beat a defensive back badly for a deep touchdown that was probably the play of the day. Physically, he looks great, at a good 6'1 with long arms, and will probably continue to get stronger over the next year. I talked to him afterward and he said that he had thought about committing to UCLA this week, but he wants to do a little bit of due diligence before pulling the trigger. Coach Martin is his main recruiter, although he's also spoken at length with Coach Yarber.

Linebacker Curtis Bolton
2014 Murrietta (Calif.) Vista

Bolton looks every bit the part of a linebacker, with a filled out chest and good height at about 6'1 or 6'2. He moves really well, and looked pretty good in this environment, which isn't always the case for 7 on 7's. With his size, and ability to range from sideline to sideline, he's someone to keep an eye on.

Receiver Shay Fields
2014 Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco:

Another player from the loaded Bosco roster, Fields played very well on Sunday. He's got very good shake and quickness, which allows him to take short passes for longer gains, even in a 7 on 7 environment where a simple tag qualifies as a tackle. He's a little slight, but doesn't look like he'd have trouble adding a little muscle once he gets into college.

Other Notes:

Compton (Calif.) Centennial Cornerback Denzel Fisher, who won the MVP honors out of nowhere at the NFTC earlier this month, only played in one game before being eliminated, but he looked every bit as good as he did at the NFTC. He was once again sporting a UCLA sweatshirt.

Gardena (Calif.) Serra Linebacker Dwight Williams also only played one game before being eliminated. It's hard to take anything from how a linebacker does in these environments, especially if they only play one game, but he moved sideline to sideline pretty well. He's a little slimly built for a linebacker, but in UCLA's system, that isn't really a problem because they use so many variations of linebackers.

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