UCLA Keeps Tabs on Five

The Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian cornerback, Robert Morgan, La Habra tight end Darrel Cloy, Los Gatos quarterback Nick Bawden and Compton Dominguez receiver Donyeh Patterson and Vista Murietta tailback Kishawn Holmes are all hoping for a UCLA offer...

Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian cornerback Robert Morgan is still eagerly waiting for his first offer.

The 5-10.5, 175-pounder, though, has been in plenty of communication with a number of schools.

"I've talked with San Diego State, San Jose State, Boston College, Arizona, Arizona State, really, a lot of Pac-12 schools are interested," said Morgan. "I also like USC, UCLA, Washington and Texas A&M."

Morgan can play on either side of the ball, but defense is where most of his attention is coming.

"I'm getting recruited as a defensive back, because that's where most of my junior film is, mostly as a corner," said Morgan. "I want to play defense, I like it the most. That's where my passion is."

Originally from Los Angeles, Morgan grew up five minutes from the Coliseum.

"USC has been my dream school," said Morgan. "That's the area I'm from, I grew up five minutes from USC."

Academically, Morgan has a 3.3 and will take the SAT in April.

Los Gatos (Calif.) quarterback Nick Bawden (6-2, 218), made the trip out to Utah over the weekend, getting a chance to visit the Utes and see the campus and town in Salt lake City.

"I liked it out there a lot," said Bawden. "I liked the campus and the facilities. I got to meet with the quarterback coach and the offensive coordinator (Brian Johnson and Dennis Erickson) and they both seem pretty interested in me."

While Bawden didn't land an offer, he got a good feel for where he stood with the Utes.

"They said they're going to come out in Spring Practice in early May or towards the end of April," said Bawden.

Bawden also liked what he saw in Salt Lake.

"It's really nice there, there is great scenery all around," said Bawden. "You can see the snow-capped mountains. It's awesome and I liked it a lot. Utah definitely is one of my top schools."

Bawden is hearing from a number of other schools as well.

"I've heard from San Jose State and Cal," said Bawden. "I was going to go to their Junior Day's this weekend, but I decided to go to Utah just because it was a little further. I'll plan unofficials to each of them during the spring though. Another school I like is UCLA and Washington too, but I haven't really heard from them. And I'm interested in both Colorado and Colorado State."

Bawden plans to make at least one more out-of-state trip this spring.

"I want to get down to Arizona and Arizona State for sure to check them out," said Bawden.

Bawden was one of the top passers at this month's NFTC in Los Angeles, and he'll hit the camp again when it visits the Bay Area.

"I got invited to the Elite 11 in Santa Clara so I'll go to that and I'm also planning to go to the Nike Camp again in Oakland," said Bawden, who also plans to camp at Utah this summer.

Academically, Bawden has a 3.5 and will take the SAT in April.

Compton (Calif.) Dominguez receiver Donyeh Patterson (6-2, 195), has three offers in the early going, but a number of schools are also in touch with him.

"Idaho offered me a while ago, that was my first one," said Patterson, who added offers from San Jose State and Arizona on Tuesday.

Patterson is also hearing from USC, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Alabama, Missouri, Oregon and San Diego State.

"I've had a lot of teammates sign with Washington, San Diego State and UCLA but they haven't offered me yet," said Patterson. "A lot of schools are going to come by to our spring practice."

Patterson is primarily being recruited as a receiver, and he said the majority of his interest is coming there.

"Everyone likes me as a receiver, but a few schools like me on defense," said Patterson. "I want receiver though, I love it at receiver."

Patterson said he's open to any school too.

"I don't have a real dream school," said Patterson. "And offer I get, I'd be thankful."

Patterson has had a good spring so far, playing for the GameChangers 7on7 team and also having a nice showing at the Los Angeles NFTC.

Darrell Cloy is a well built 6-3, 230 pounds and uses his frame well. He's a physical player who uses his body to create space and has very good hands. There is some upside there for sure and Cloy has the work ethic to match his tools.

On the recruiting front, it's a little surprising Cloy isn't getting more attention but a move to La Habra after playing for Sante Fe Springs (Calif.) St. Paul in the off season could help him there.

"Colorado is still my only offer," Cloy said. "I'm also hearing from Arizona State and a little bit from UCLA. I'm planning to go take a visit to ASU for their spring game and I'll be going up to UCLA for some spring practices as well. That's really it for me right now so hopefully things will pick up for me over the spring."

Cloy said he would like to make an early decision if he can but it will depend on what schools are showing interest.

"I would love to commit in the summer before my senior year," Cloy said. "It would be great to get it out of the way and focus on my senior year. I won't commit just to commit though. I want to see what other schools are on me and then I'll figure things out from there."

Kishawn Holmes is one of the most under-rated recruits in the state. He's still waiting for his first scholarship offer but more and more schools are taking notice of him.

Holmes was one of the top players at the NLA 7 on 7 in Las Vegas and was impressive again at the IMG regional over the weekend. He's easily among the top 2-3 best backs in the state as a pass catcher and is a brutal matchup because of his size and quickness.

"I'm just trying to play at a higher level than everyone," Holmes said. "I don't ever want to get complacent and when I see someone playing better than me, it motivates me to work twice as hard. We're all out here competing for the same thing, we all want those scholarships and to play in college and make it to the next level and I don't think anyone is hungrier than me."

Georgia Tech continues to recruit Holmes along with Oklahoma State and he just talked with two other programs this week.

"I had a great talk with Colorado State and BYU," Holmes said. "I talked with Colorado State on Monday and that went great. They signed our quarterback, Nick Stevens last year so they said they have already seen my film and loved it.

"They said they heard about how well I've been doing at all the 7 on 7 tournaments and want to come check me out in the spring. They asked for my transcripts and it sounds like they're really close to offering. I had a long talk with BYU on Tuesday and they're highly interested as well. They're going to come down and see me and I think they could be close to offering also so I'm really excited about where things are going."

As for spring/summer plans, Holmes has a busy schedule set.

‘I'm going to Colorado April 13," Holmes said. "I'm planning to check out USC and UCLA since they're local and I'm going to get out to Oklahoma State as well. I'm from Tulsa and the coaches said I would fit in really well in that offense. It was awesome, last time I talked with them, they called me ‘sweet feet,' that's the nickname Snoop just gave me.

"Georgia Tech called me that too and it made me feel special. I think Snoop has only given nicknames to like three players, his son, Cordell (Broadus), Naijiel Hale and DeAnthony Thomas. For him to give me one, man that's a lot to live up to but I'm rolling with it. I love it and I hope it sticks and I'm going go out and try to prove myself worthy every time I play."

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