LaVine Reacts to Alford Hire

Zach LaVine is well aware that UCLA has hired a new coach in Steve Alford. What's the five-star guard's reaction to Ben Howland's replacement?

Even though 6-foot-3, 170-pound Bothell (Wash.) 2013 shooting guard Zach LaVine signed with UCLA under recently fired head coach Ben Howland, he remains hopeful that he'll attend college in Westwood.

LaVine has yet to hear from new UCLA coach Steve Alford, but is looking forward to that conversation.

"After I talk to him I still have to talk to my family, but it's the place I want to go," LaVine said. "I signed there because it's the place I want to go, even if it would be a little different without coach Howland."

The five-star guard has already been filled in on Alford's career as a player and coaching style.

"I know he was a great player at Indiana," LaVine said. "My dad said he was like the first Steve Nash. I know he's a guard coach and the guy he had a New Mexico, Kendall Williams, my dad says plays like me, so that's cool. "

In the event that Alford doesn't want LaVine, he is prepared to explore his options.

"If he doesn't contact me, my next best bet would be going to the University of Washington I think since I have a lot of family out here," he said.

However, LaVine made it clear he's hoping to hit it off with Alford and move forward with his plans to attend UCLA.

"Definitely," LaVine said. "Hopefully he'll like me and I'll go there."

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