VIDEO: Millweard on QB Competition

T.J. Millweard talks about the improvements he's made in his throwing motion since last year and how he hopes to factor into the backup quarterback competition...

T.J. Millweard talks about the backup quarterback competition:


Q: here is T.J. Millweard. So, obviously second spring out here. How you feeling? Feeling good?

TM: feeling good. Definitely more comfortable out here, you know, with the offense. And that year of redshirt definitely helps me out.

Q: for you, I mean, watching you from this spring as opposed to last spring, it's clear you've tightened up your rotation. A lot of differences in your mechanics. Can you talk about the development there?

TM: oh, yes. You know, in the offseason, I've been going home a lot. Really working. Getting some high schoolers out there to catch for me. And any time that I can, get guys out there to throw. And just definitely did work on my mechanics. Last spring just wasn't myself so trying to get back to myself.

Q: so what are the significant differences you've made? It looks a little bit shorter.

TM: yes, definitely. Shorten up the release. Trying to keep a good center of gravity. I was getting a little bit too much of my front foot and that kind of stuff. So just really trying to get that tight spiral. Easy to catch for the receivers.

Q: how much it help to work with [Taylor Mazzone, Quarterbacks Coach] and you know, Coach …

TM: you know, it's definitely helps. Not to breaking the rules. They can't help you out too much in the offseason, but it definitely helps with such great quarterback coaches as them, helping you.

Q: so for you, I mean, obviously Brett's, you know, kind of got that #1 spot, but how important is it for you to compete for that backup spot and potentially be the #2 this year?

TM: it's very important. You know, we've got great quarterbacks here. A lot of them. You know, you got Mike [Fafaul]. You got Jake [Hall]. You got Jerry [Neuheisel]. You got me and Brett [Hundley]. You know, we're all competing a lot but we're good friends and we just want to be the best.

Q: so, I've heard your guys' little chant when you were out. It's, "a bunch of salt and one little piece of pepper." Is that what it is?

TM: yes, we're changing it up. Coach Mazzone isn't too happy about that so we're coming up with new ones.

Q: for you, I mean, I think you've done work on your body too. Where are you weight-wise now?

TM: about 220-ish. You know, I'm still going. Gaining a little bit of weight. Coach [Sal Alosi, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator] has really helped out a lot in the offseason. His offseason program's been pretty spectacular.

Q: what kind of stuff do they do? Do you do the same stuff, as a quarterback, that the guys do as receiver or what do you kind of do?

TM: we do, for the most part. But he's… but… as you get older, he limits you on the benching. You know, sometimes we do dumbbells. He just really wants to protect the shoulder, but definitely you're still getting your butt kicked every day.

Q: so, offseason workouts. I mean, what are you doing? Is it a lot of throwing? Like what are you spending most of your time doing during the…

TM: you know, I lift with Coach Alosi , of course, and doing the conditioning like all that. But as soon as that day's done, I go to class. It's definitely throwing, footwork, trying to get better balance, and then learning the plays, watching the film, all that kind of stuff.

Q: so you've made huge strides in your mechanics from last year, what do you think the biggest strides are that you still need to make to kind of hit your potential and be who you want to be?

TM: yes. Definitely need to… you know, get to better know the offense. Get more comfortable. With each rep I get, I feel more comfortable. You know, last spring unfortunately, didn't get too many because we had a lot of quarterbacks. Great ones with KP [Kevin Prince] and Richard [Brehaut]. Definitely just trying to get comfortable and then I think it just gets better from there.

Q: this offense… I mean, how similar is it to what you ran in high school and how much of a difference has it been?

TM: you know, it's been very similar in some ways than, you know… I have to know what the offensive line does more here and so that was just a big learning curve but definitely feel like I've gotten better with that.

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