VIDEO: Hundley on Spring So Far

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked after practice Saturday about the difference this spring, getting deeper into the playbook and more...

Brett Hundley talked to us Saturday.


BH: how are you guys doing?

Q: good, how are you, man? First day we get to talk to you.

BH: man, I know.

Q: Like you're actually going to class and things?

BH: man, I'm always there. You know what I'm saying. Always.

Q: so talk a little bit about third practice in, how you're feeling, the difference between this spring practice and last spring practice, getting to know the scheme more, how comfortable you are, the whole thing.

BH: oh, I'm getting real comfortable with the offense. You know, the offense… when we get back on the field… We haven't been back on the field, practicing as a team, for awhile. So it's going to take about a week to get everything back up to speed and where it needs to be. But right now, everything's looking good. I mean, from the first practice until now, we've come a long way. We're doing big things. We've got big goals ahead of us. So we've just got to keep pushing.

Q: you talked about… you made some comments in the offseason after watching film, there were a lot of plays you left on the field, you said.

BH: oh yeah, for sure. I thought…

Q: Talk a little bit about that.

BH: I think, after last season, just watching it and knowing now what I sort of missed… that's what I said. It was the first year under a system. And then you get to see what you did wrong and all the reads you may have out there left on the field. So now, you get to put the actual. When you come back out there, that's the things you start focusing on. Just going through all your reads, knowing when to throw it, when to move on. So it just comes as with experience.

Q: was it mostly reads? Is that what it was that you saw?

BH: you know, it's just everything. You can't put a finger on it but you can look at anything, you can always improve on any game.

Q: you know, after watching a lot of film and coming out here, does that… do you feel you're better just because of that offseason? Everything's sunk in more?

BH: oh yeah. For sure. After you get to watch yourself and sort of study yourself… because, you know, in the season, you get maybe a day to watch what you did the last game and then you just got to keep moving. On to the next opponent. You don't really get a lot of time to watch yourself. But after, you know, this offseason, I got to sit down and watch what I did throughout the whole season. It's helped a lot. I've come a long way.

Q: what did they do? Do they do cut-ups for you per game? They prepare all this for you?

BH: just cut-ups of each game. I'll go through them, and I'll just watch what I need to watch.

Q: now, physically, how are you? Are you bigger?

BH: yeah, for sure.

Q: how much do you weigh now?

BH: almost 230. So I mean, I'm about 228 right now. 6'3". So I'm still pushing big.

Q: are you just about where you want to be? Do you want to get bigger? Stronger?

BH: it depends. If I get taller, I mean, obviously you gain weight as you grow. But right now, it's pretty much what I want to stay at depending on what the athletic trainers want me at, that's where I'll be.

Q: are they getting deeper into the playbook now? For this spring? I mean, are you doing more install? And more…

BH: yeah. Last spring… where we're at now, is a lot, lot farther than where we were last spring. Because last spring, we were just putting the whole offense in so we went real slow. This spring, we're putting in the whole playbook and running with it.

Q: now, having this experience with all these receivers, you had to establish timing with all of them. How is it now? Are you feeling some of these guys? I mean, do you know what they're going to do?

BH: oh yeah. For sure. You can anticipate a lot more when you get good timing and the timing grows with your receivers. So I mean, Shaq [Shaquelle Evans], Devin [Devin Fuller, Devin Lucien], J.P. [Jordan Payton]… I've played with them and thrown the ball to a lot of them. So, I mean, you know, timing is getting better. You just get better with them.

Q: how different is it that there's no quarterback competition? Well, we assume that the job's yours.

BH: there's always quarterback completion, man, you know what I'm saying?

Q: but you know. I mean, you're the #1 guy. You're the starter.

BH: yeah, for sure, but like I said. Just like I said last year, you just have to come out and get better and focus on yourself really. And then, you know, the byproduct will be winning the job or playing and just getting better.

Q: what kind of goals you have for this season? I mean, I know it's far off but…

BH: yeah. I think just to push this team and make sure that we're all on the right page and know what we have to do on our assignments to help the team progress as a team effort. And I think that's one thing you have to do as a quarterback is know how to push certain individuals. To make each individual better and as a team, we'll get better. So, you know, we've got a lot of things to work on and a lot of things to accomplish but national championship obviously is our #1 goal.

Q: good deal. Thanks, Brett. Appreciate it.

BH: thank you.

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