VIDEO: Fuller on Settling in at WR

The former quarterback Devin Fuller talked about getting more acclimated to the switch to wide receiver...

Devin Fuller talked to us after practice.


Q: … really hit?

DF: most definitely. I mean, it wasn't "live period" today but I mean, but sometimes you go down to the ground. But you know, it's always good to get back to pads.

Q: where do you feel like you're at right now?

DF: what do you mean?

Q: just like this spring. What is your, I guess, goal for this spring?

DF: I mean, just get better as a receiver right now, you know. This is my first actual chance to really work on my craft as a team and stuff like that. Just work on my craft as a receiver. This is my first spring ever, first spring in football. Just trying to work on my craft.

Q: how is that quarterback package?

DF: I love. I know we're about to add some more stuff in it, but you know, I love it. [audio difficulties] that type of thing.

Q: do you kind of see yourself as more of an kind of all-purpose guy? I know Coach Mazzone said, you might get some carries, catching, throwing, and that sort of thing. Do you kind of see yourself in that way?

DF: I'm just a team player. You know, whatever they need me to do, I'm going to do so that's my abilities.

Q: how much do you think they'll let you throw?

DF: right now? I don't know. But I hope more than now.

Q: more than zero.

DF: yeah, more than zero.

Q: how about as a receiver now? It's kind of your first full offseason as a receiver. How different is it today than as a quarterback?

DF: definitely different. You know, I'm working on learning the routes as a receiver. [audio difficulties] you know, breaking my routes off at 12 and 14 and stuff like that. Second windows and all the stuff like that as a receiver instead of as a quarterback. It's just different. But I'm learning. It'll all work out.

Q: can you tell that that quarterback experience helped still?

DF: oh, definitely. Most definitely it helps. Learning coverages is a big thing in this offense. You know, whether to settle down or keep going on your route. That came easy to mean. But you know, I just have to work on getting my depth on my routes because, you know, I like to think I'm okay with decel speeds. I like rounding my cuts a lot. And stuff like that. So I got to work on my craft, just breaking down and, you know, making my routes a little crisper.

Q: mentally, do you feel like you're a 100% receiver now?

DF: mentally, I'm always going to have that quarterback mind. But right now, yeah, I'm 100% receiver right now.

Q: how far are you in terms of your confidence as a wide receiver in knowing what to do? Is it instinctual yet?

DF: yeah, it's definitely like 100%, I think. Last year, you know, I was a little indecisive going against bigger guys. Having gone against them now and the offseason and things like that, it's second nature to me now. I don't get nervous. I feel confident about my abilities.

Q: what about Coach Yarbs [Eric Yarber, Wide Receivers ] out there, man?

DF: I know. I've got to pray for him. I don't know what happened to him, but he's in my prayers. It looked bad though.

Q: it looked like it wasn't even where the play was. That's where it seemed kind of confusing.

DF: yeah, I know. He's a very enthusiastic coach. You know, he was probably doing a little something out there. He's a great coach. I'll just keep him in my prayers tonight until he gets better.

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