Monday Practice Report

The quarterbacks are sharp again, and Brett Hundley has a very good night, while one wide receiver and a defensive back stand out...

It was a slower practice Monday night, mostly because there was a good amount of situational work, as well as some installation.

The team was just as sharp as it's been in the last few practices, with the quarterbacks again collectively having a very good day. It was perhaps Brett Hundley's best practice of the spring, in fact. Except for a few off throws here or there, he was very impressive, putting ball rights on the money with power and ease.

Probably the two stars on the night, at least among the skill guys, were receiver Devin Fuller and safety Randall Goforth. If it's possible, Fuller looks better every practice, and Monday night he took it to another level again. He looked faster in his routes, and displayed some moves in space that were breath-taking. He had the catch of the night, when on a post he plucked the ball over his back shoulder while being closely covered by, of course, Goforth. Goforth was consistently the best defensive back in coverage, getting a series of very nice break-ups and was only burned by Fuller on that one rep.

Fuller stepped in at quarterback for a few reps, and actually ran the ball, and had a few snap mishaps.

There were again a number of snap issues, mostly coming from Carl Hulick working at center with the 2s.

Close in performance to Fuller and Gofroth was receiver Shaquelle Evans, who caught just about every catchable ball thrown at him, and had his way in his one-on-one rivalry with Ishmael Adams. He caught a couple of very nice posts, on very well thrown balls from Hundley.

The running backs also looked collectively good Monday. Jordon James had the run of the night, where he broke through the line and had a sick move in the open field to spring him for a touchdown. Malcolm Jones also got into the defensive secondary a number of times. Walk-on Roosevelt Davis has been moved to running back and he's awfully hard to find running among the linemen.

In terms of the injured, it appears many of them aren't that injured. The guys who are working out on the side - - guys like Elis McCarthy, Isaiah Bowens, Steven Manfro and even Damien Thigpen – look like they're not hampered too much by their respective afflictions. Eldridge Massington had previously been taking individual reps, but has not done that for a week (even though he was off this last weekend due to his high school prom). Defensive end Kylie Fitts was at practice for a while, but then left. Cassius Marsh sat out some reps due to a minor hamstring injury. We did hear that offensive lineman Conor McDermott is out with a concussion.

The most conspicuously injured on Spaulding Field is wide receiver coach Eric Yarber, who is in a wheel chair after his surgery. He has various wide receivers pushing him from drill to drill. At one point offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone jokingly yelled, "Hey, get that wheel chair out of the way!"

The recruit who gets the award for being at the most practices is definitely incoming freshman safety Tyler Foreman, who was again in attendance Monday.

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