Emesibe Will Camp at UCLA

The Oak Hills (Calif.) defensive end, and brother of UCLA walk-on Melvin Emesibe, plans to camp at UCLA this summer...

Oak Hills (Calif.) defensive end Kennedy Emesibe (6-4, 237), entered April without an offer.

Since then, he's picked up three, including two from the Pac-12.

And as schools begin to make their way out to see him this spring, that list could grow even more.

"Cal had been talking to me and then they were the first to offer me," said Emesibe. "Then Colorado State offered me as a defensive end. And then Washington State offered."

Emesibe said the offers have come as a defensive end, though he's played primarily defensive tackle.

"Colorado State wants to put me at defensive end, and try to get me to play as a true freshman," said Emesibe. "They really want me to be a Ram. Cal and Washington State both like me as a defensive end too

Several other schools have been picking up their interest in him.

"Oregon is the school I've been talking to the longest, since before my junior year. They said they want me to be patient and want to get to know people first so the message they're sending me is they want to offer but just want to talk to me more and watch more film. San Diego State also started talking to me after I did pretty good at the Nike Camp. And UCLA, I've been talking to them and they said I should go to their camp."

Emesibe's brother, Melvin, is a running back at UCLA.

"My brother was telling me that they may be on the verge of offering," said Emesibe. "They want to come see me this spring."

Emesibe is also talking to Kansas State and Auburn and Fresno State has expressed interest as well.

"Washington actually came by a few months ago and even USC came by," said Emesibe.

While he plays deep in the desert, Emesibe thinks that the offers will now send more schools his way.

"The past few years, there has been potential D-I guys at my school but we just didn't have the exposure," said Emesibe. "But now I feel like schools will come by and that will be good for us. And I know for myself, if I need to go to camp to prove myself, I will."

Stanford is the school that Emesibe is hoping gets involved.

"My goal is an offer from Stanford, because that's for academics as much as football," said Emesibe.

Emesibe said that he plans to visit UCLA for their Spring Game, but was uncertain if he'll take any other unofficial visits this spring.

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