VIDEO: Mora on Wednesday

Head coach Jim Mora talks about the disappointing practice on Wednesday, how Dietrich Riley is progressing, and Brandon Tuliaupupu's injury...

Jim Mora talks on Wednesday:


JM: well, that was probably… of the practices we've had so far, that was… that was a little bit disappointing the way we started. It was a little sloppy. And I think what these kids have to learn how to do and we have to learn how to do as coaches, is every time we hit the green, we have to be mentally locked in and we've done that until this morning. And it took us too long to get going. So, you know, it's disappointing, but it's just an opportunity to learn. We'll see how they respond. And if they can come out here tomorrow and get it back again, you know. You don't want to have lulls. Not when you're trying to be great. And you have to push through them, and I didn't think we did a good enough job of that this morning early. So we'll see how we do tomorrow. We'll go back and look at the film. Get better. We practiced situations at the end of the game there. I thought that was good work. Sometimes that slows down the tempo. I told them, it might slow down our pace, it might slow down our tempo, it might slow down the way we move physically, but it can't slow down the way we think mentally. We still have to be mentally sharp. So we're going to continue to do that. We want to be a situationally smart football team and try to gain an advantage the end of the game on teams that we play because of it. So we got good work done today, but we need to start faster. So we'll see how we come out and attack it tomorrow. I think they'll respond.

Q: some of the situational stuff that you were working on, did you ever dream a year ago working on that stuff in spring? Last year?

JM: yeah, I always work… I mean, I think it's important that you work on that stuff year-round. I think it has to be ingrained, you know. I mean, we'll work on it again in spring. With things we're working on. We'll work on it in the fall, but I just really believe that… it might only come up one time in the season, but if that one time it comes up, you know how to react to get you a win, then it's worth it. It's worth the time. I just believe that can separate you during the season is understanding how to use the clock. How to, you know, manipulate the clock and everybody on your team has to understand when they should go down. When they should stay inbounds. You know, when they should make sure they're alert for a hard count. All those types of things. Plus, quite frankly, it helps me, you know. It's as much practice for me as it is for them so that I get my mind thinking in the right way.

Q: well, with all the other things you were trying to instill last year. The tempo and all. Being that specific, was that a little more difficult last spring? You were able to maybe delve into some of those areas a little more this year?

JM: no. last year, we actually… oh yeah, we spent a ton of time on it last year. Maybe a little bit more than we did this year and maybe we need to spend more time on it this year. Because you really… you can't let yourself start to believe, "oh, we've got it." Like I said, "I got it." Those are three really, really bad words when you're a competitor. So we're going to continue to work hard on that. Like I said, it's as much for me as them. You know, handling the clock. Controlling the clock. Not making clock management errors. Believe it or not, I mean, I still…. Probably easy to believe rather than not believe, is I still at times revert back to the NFL way of thinking with regards to the end of the game. You know, the clock. Like when he was… I don't know who it was… Tyler Scott running down here. And I thought he went out of bounds. He didn't, but I thought he did it. And I was wondering why the official stopped the clock. We stopped it because it was the first down. You know, I'm thinking, the clock's running. He stayed inbounds so…. You know, I got to continue to work through that so I don't screw it up

Q: there was kind of a cheer that came out from the sideline when Brett [Hundley] went down for a slide. Do you think that's something he's gotten better at? And do you think that's something going to need to be able to do this season?

JM: absolutely and I think he needs to work on it out here. It's kind of unnatural when he gets in these situations, to go down, but I think he has to. So not only was that a positive, but he's got to continue to do that. And I don't know if he gets, you know, gets rug burn or what, but he's just going to have to deal with it because he needs to slide and not sprain his ankle when he does so.

Q: is [Brandon] Tuliaupupu the knee?

JM: yeah and I don't… we'll get it checked, but it didn't look good. It was noncontact. He was just turning to run and he went down so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Q: Nate [Iese] continues to look really comfortable at that defensive end position with great leverage and disengagement from the block, and his quickness is just really impressive.

JM: he just needs to gain weight. You know, the only thing that's holding him back right now is he's undersized, but he's got the frame to be 265 pounds. I mean, look at how big his calves are right there. They're gigantic, you know. So he could be a big man, but you're right. He's got long arms. He's got a violent disengage. He's got quickness. That might be the spot for him. And Kenny Orjioke looks good at outside linebacker so those two… those two guys are doing a nice job, for young guys.

Q: is [Brandon] Sermons going to stay at safety when Dietrich [Riley] comes back?

JM: Sermons, yeah, but Stan [McKay] will go back down to the linebacker. Yeah, Stan, we moved back to safety. He's played there and we needed his… you know, we needed his… him in term of numbers . But Brandon will stay at safety.

Q: it seems like Dietrich did a little bit more today. Did some team stuff. Is he on a good time table?

JM: yeah, he's coming back. You know, we just have to be careful with him, but he just needs to keep getting work and then just slowly move his way into contact.

Q: is there thought of him, when there's more depth in the fall, maybe moving him to that mini backer spot?

JM: who?

Q: Dietrich.

JM: no. He's a safety. Yeah, he's a safety. The mini backers would be Stan and Taylor [Lagace] who's doing a good job in there. Heck, Taylor is looking more and more like a weak inside linebacker. He does a good job but we need Dietrich back in the back. That's more natural for him. He's a good athlete and he can run, and he can move in space. So I think he's going to be fine back there. For him, it's just about, is he going to be healthy?

Q: any separation at running back yet? Or is it still as tight as…

JM: no. They're all kind of moving as a pack and getting better as a pack. Is that what you guys see?

Q: yeah.

JM: yeah. It seems like they're all doing a lot better, but nobody seems to be stepping above the rest and that's okay, you know. If we can have a good group there, and do it by committee, I'll be fine with that. Okay? Alright. Nice day. Good morning.

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