Wednesday Practice Report

UCLA had what Coach Mora termed one of its sloppiest practices of the spring, but there were still a few positive standouts for the day...

As Coach Mora said in the post-practice interview, Wednesday's practice was one of the more sluggish ones this spring, and for him, was probably the most disappointing. However, it should be said that, all that being true, it would have still counted among the best and most well-organized practices of either the Rick Neuheisel or Karl Dorrell eras.

There were many false starts, at least one illegal formation, and a general sloppiness throughout the early drills. Carl Hulick's snapping was once again an issue as the second string center. The quarterbacks were generally pretty off during the early throwing sessions, with Brett Hundley and Mike Fafaul in particular having difficulty connecting with uncovered receivers.

Stan McKay, who's been filling in primarily as a safety with Dietrich Riley out with the shoulder separation, struggled during one on ones. Devin Fuller easily got open against him once, and Ian Taubler managed to get his hands on a couple of balls with McKay covering him. McKay is clearly a linebacker at this point, and a pretty good one, so it'll be good for him when Riley comes back and he can move back up.

Fuller continues to be one of the most impressive players of the spring, making another spectacular grab during one on ones against McKay. He got knocked off track off the line of scrimmage and managed to recover for a catch with McKay more or less draped on him.

T.J. Millweard had one of his better days, throwing the ball with some good arm strength, spin, and accuracy. During throwing drills early, he looked the best out of all the quarterbacks. At one point during the 11 on 11, it looked like he actually got the defense to jump offsides, which is usually a sign of increasing comfort in the offense.

Aaron Wallace had his first really impactful practice of the spring. He had at least one sack, and also made two nice tackles on runs to his side, stuffing Jordon James on one behind the line of scrimmage. If he keeps up his play over the last six practices, he should head into fall as the main challenger for Myles Jack at that spot.

Ishmael Adams had a pretty good day, picking one ball off during one on ones when Kenny Walker stopped on his route. Adams also has a special ability to recover after finding himself out of position, with some explosion that allows him to close gaps pretty quickly. You'd like to see him turn his head more when he has to recover like that, because there have been a couple of plays this spring where he's sort of blindly sprinted after the receiver when the receiver beats him without considering where the ball is.

Jordon James had one of his better days, looking very Joystick-like on one run where he made a cut back off of a Ben Wysocki block for a touchdown. Malcolm Jones also had a couple of nice, powerful runs. Paul Perkins didn't do a whole lot that was noticeable on Wednesday. You could easily see a scenario where the three each get a sizeable amount of carries during games this year.

Dietrich Riley got a little bit of work with the second team in team drills, and Mora said that he was on track with his recovery. He's still in the red jersey though.

Cassius Marsh got a touchdown during the goal line drills, and Anthony Barr once again worked heavily as both a receiver and running back. As we said many time prior to his switch to linebacker, Barr could be a star at the Y if he wanted to be. He's basically unguardable on jump balls.

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