VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Head coach Jim Mora talks about how the team did in the final night practice of the spring and also talks about the athleticism of Devin Fuller...

Jim Mora after Monday's practice:


JM: It thought was a good night of energy. Kylie [Fitts] came back and practiced a little bit and then he reinjured himself. Ellis [McCarthy] got to do a little bit more. Keenan Graham did more. So we're getting a couple guys back which is good for Saturday. We need numbers. They just had a lot of enthusiasm tonight. We worked some situations again. Funny… when we… we call it a "muddle huddle," which is kind of that half huddle. When we do that, which we do occasionally in the season, it completely throws them off. They're so used to going fast all the time. So I thought it was good to do that. And just another productive day. Got to have two really good practices on Wednesday and Thursday, and then Saturday night, just cut it loose in and have some fun and get work done and put on a good show.

Q: Kylie's thing is minor?

JM: yeah, he just reaggravated it. He looked… he's a good football player though. When he's in there. So I'm sure that he'll be out for the next… probably be out for the spring game, but he'll be fine once we start in the fall. It's very minor. Very minor.

Q: is there a fine line with easing him into that spring game and also wanting to get that work done the next two days?

JM: yeah, well, we have to take the pads off on Thursday because of NCAA rules. Well, we actually we don't because we took them off once last week, but we will take them off Thursday. So we'll have a good hard practice on Wednesday. Do more situational stuff without pads on Thursday and then… I want to have an aggressive physical tough spring game that night. We want it to be good. Good work.

Q: "spectacular."

JM: I guess we're back to calling it the showcase now. So whatever it is, it should be fun. I mean, we'll get a lot of work done. Our fans will get a chance to see a lot of good things. It'll be fun.

Q: you really don't think you're going to have many hard decisions out of this camp that you're going to be made. You'll wait until summer on a lot of those spots.

JM: yeah, to me that's how it looks. You talked about the running back spot. I think we have to wait to get the summer and it gets hard. You know, we're going to get those offensive linemen in here. The young guys. And I think there will be really good competition there. Same thing in the secondary. I think you look at the defensive line. And we're going to rotate those guys through. We kind of know who the three guys are. Linebackers… that left outside linebacker, Keenan's done an excellent job, but he'll have stiff competition out of the young guys come in as well. I think it's important that we just maintain a real atmosphere of competition.

Q: is that the first time Brett's had that camera on in the spring?

JM: I think he might have done it the first week. We put it on just to… you can learn a lot about where he's looking. And reading through his progressions. Yeah, you have to you to cut a lot of it out. You have to figure out what it is. But you can you something out of that. We did it last year a couple times. We'll go look at it tomorrow and just see if we can pick up any little thing that helps him.

Q: it seems like a lot of college football teams have gone to having guys like Tevin Austin, De'Anthony Thomas… quick, sort of all-around guys. Is that kind of how you see Devin Fuller? Is that sort of where he's going? That sort of direction?

JM: yeah. But I think the added dimension with Devin is that he can throw the ball, you know. To me, he's… and I don't want to and I think I said this before, and it's not fair to either guy, but I think he's more in the mold of like a Percy Harvin. You know, a guy that can play running back if you need him to. He can play slot. He can go outside. And I think Percy, in college, threw the ball a little bit, didn't he?

Q: yeah.

JM: So I think that's the kind the mold I see him in. And we just got to... like I said, we have do it the right way with him. We can't just give him everything that he wants. Otherwise, you overload him and it's not fair to him or the team. But whatever he can do, we're going to keep adding to it.

Q: when you're going to the final week, what areas are of satisfaction to you? What areas are still a little bit of concern?

JM: I don't know if I'm… I'm not "satisfied." I'm happy with the progress of Brett. I'm happy with the progress of the receivers. I'm happy with the progress of… some certain players on defense, you know. Concerns still with the offensive line and the secondary, for me. But I still think helps on the way. Snapper is a concern for me. There's a lot of good things going on, but there's just areas where we just have to get better and keep growing. So… you guys are all cold. Get out of here. This would've been a balmy night in Seattle right here.

Q: many years of hockey.

JM: alright, thanks everybody.

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