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The Fife (Wash.) four-star offensive tackle, Kaleb McGary, has been hearing from UCLA...

Fife (Wash.) offensive lineman Kaleb McGary (6-8, 275), is in double-digit offers, the most recent offer coming this past weekend.

"Wisconsin offered me on Sunday," said the four-star.

The Badgers became the second Big Ten team to offer McGary, joining Nebraska.

And a host of West Coast schools fill his offer list.

"I've also gotten offers from Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona State, California, Utah and Boise State," said McGary.

More schools could be getting involved too.

"There is no way to really tell who's going to offer me next, they've all just kind of happened," said McGary. "But I've been talking with Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Ole Miss, Michigan, Florida State, UCLA, Duke and Stanford."

Even some Ivy League schools have gotten involved.

"I've heard recently from Princeton, Harvard and Duke," said McGary.

McGary said the recruiting process has been hard to describe.

"Wow. That word sums it up," said McGary. "I've gotten more mail than I ever thought I'd get in my entire life. I'm getting between 50-110 letters a week. It's not overwhelming but there is rarely a second quiet and alone. There is a lot to keep up with. I never expected to get this much attention, period, ever. But it's always cool to have coaches stop by, and see them and meet them in person, instead of just in letters."

McGary's versatility has a lot of schools' attention.

"It's been mostly offensive tackle that schools like me for, but Washington wants me for defensive end and some tight end possibly. Nebraska wants to try me as a tight end as well. Utah thinks I could play four different positions. And Oregon said I could go both ways too," said McGary.

But the offensive line greatly appeals to McGary, despite its lack of glamour, so to speak.

"Being a lineman could be a boring position and it could be monotonous," said McGary. "But there is a certain amount of unmentioned glory, a certain brotherhood among those front guys. And to be honest, it's kind of an easier position. This last year, playing tight end, it was my first year playing that and it was way harder. And as much as I like defense, offense just appeals more. But really, if they're going to pay for my education, I'm not going to play just where I want to play, it's going to be wherever they need me to play."

McGary moved to Fife before his junior year, playing his first two years at Battle Ground (Wash.), in Southern Washington, essentially halfway between the Oregon and Washington campuses.

"I get asked a lot if I grew up a Washington fan or if I grew up an Oregon fan," said McGary. "My family is all Washington fans. They love Washington and I like them too. I like a lot of the Pac-12 schools. When everyone asks me who my favorite college team is, it's hard to say because I love football. I love Washington because I grew up watching them, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll go there. It's where I'm spending four years of my life."

McGary said at this point, he's wide open and not ready to narrow his list down.

"I will probably trim my list down to a few schools after the spring, and then take some official visits," said McGary. "I'm still where I'm learning about a lot of the schools and I want to learn more about some."

McGary has a few things he's looking at in choosing a school.

"Academics factor in heavily to my decision," said McGary. "I want an education first and foremost. The fact of life is football will end eventually, it will end somewhere, somehow. So I will need to support myself and my family and I want a degree. I'm still on the hunt for a major to catch my interest, but I think I want to go into some kind of public service, like being a firefighter."

McGary said he's not really targeting a weight he wants to be at by fall, happy with where he currently stands.

"I never really set a goal weight," said McGary. "My key has always been move well, that's key in what I do. I want to move the guy lined up across from me at will and I don't want him to have a choice in what is happening. If I can get to 300 in what I do, then great, but I don't have a weight goal."

This summer, McGary plans to take in a few camps.

"I'm doing the Nike Camp at Oregon, then I'll probably do the Oregon State half-day camp, Washington's Rising Stars and then Oregon's camp and maybe some more local camps," said McGary.

McGary also plays basketball and he's hoping to have the chance to play that in college as well.

"I tried track, but I quickly realized that's not my thing but I do play basketball. I love basketball and I want to try and play both in college. It would be hard for me to give up basketball," said McGary.

Academically, McGary has a 3.1 and has taken the PSAT and plans to take the SAT this spring and again in the fall.

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