Intro 2015: OL Henry Roberts

The Bellevue (Wash.) 2015 offensive lineman, Henry Roberts, has early interest in UCLA and has some ties to the Bruins...

Bellevue (Wash.) 2015 offensive lineman Henry Roberts (6-6, 263), is one of the top underclass prospects in the Northwest.

With an offer from Washington already under his belt, Roberts should have several more before he signs in February of 2015.

Playing on the offensive line for the vaunted Bellevue program has its perks. So too does wearing the #52 for the Wolverines.

"It means a lot to get that number as a sophomore," said Roberts. "You have to earn it though. My coaches said I don't just get it the next couple years, I have to earn it each year."

The offer from Washington, which came in February, was something else he earned.

"The offer meant I have good coaches and play at a good program," said Roberts. "It showed me that Washington wants to keep a lot of players in the state. I was in disbelief at first when they offered me, but then I just started to realize it was real. I thanked the coaching staff, I thanked God, I thanked my family. It was pretty cool. I had met with Coach (Dan) Cozzetto in the morning, but he didn't say anything. Then Coach Sark (Steve Sarkisian) offered me."

Roberts said he didn't come that close to committing, but the offer did leave a huge impression.

"I didn't think about committing just because it's too soon," said Roberts. "If I commit too early, others might back off, and I want to go through the process. But I like Washington a lot. I grew up a UW fan and I grew up watching them every Saturday, so it was pretty cool."

Most of Roberts' interest is in the Pac-12.

"Oregon, Boise State, Stanford a little, UCLA, USC, those are some of the schools," said Roberts. "I might go to the camps at USC and UCLA next year. I know Coach (Jim) Mora at UCLA and I like Stanford and USC too. Washington is the only school I've visited so I want to see some other ones."

But the visits will likely wait for another year.

"I'll probably wait until next spring and summer to see these schools because I have to focus," said Roberts. "I'm only 15, so I think I have to focus on football and focus on my school first."

Roberts plays tackle for the Wolverines and hopes to continue to play that in college.

"It doesn't matter if its left tackle or right tackle, I just want to play tackle in college," said Roberts.

Roberts said he's hoping to play his junior season around 270 and would like to be around 300 when he gets to college.

The only camp plans he's got for now are Bellevue's team camp.

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