VIDEO: Hundley After Spring Game

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the difference for him this spring, his progress and his expectations for the offense...

Brett Hundley talked to us from the Rose Bowl after the Spring Game Saturday night.


Q: how was it wearing the camera?

BH: huh?

Q: how do you feel, wearing the camera?

BH: it's fun. I mean, it's a different angle I get to see. You know, it's just fun to get out there and just play this game and see it from my perspective.

Q: are you going to go back and watch it later on?

BH: yeah, yeah. For sure. I'm watching all spring ball. [audio difficulties]

Q: can you take anything from this? Tonight… really?

BH: just… man, we're back at it, man. It's a blessing and an honor to be back out here. And just to go through this with the team again. I mean, I was talking to J yesterday, and I mean, it's truly a blessing to be back here. I mean, God's blessed us with an amazing opportunity, and this team can do big things.

Q: how do feel this compared to your last spring game?

BH: I feel a lot better, to be honest. A lot comfortable. Smoother. I mean, you know, it's still spring. We're still working out kinks and stuff like that. But I feel so much better and so much more developed… as along this team, this offense and even the defense. And every aspect of this team. and I feel like we're maturing as a group and we're way much further than we were last spring.

Q: how far did you think you progressed from the beginning of spring until now?

BH: from the beginning to now?

Q: yeah.

BH: I think I've progressed a lot. You know, I was just going over my notes today. And as the spring continued, it started to get shorter and shorter. Now, it's more focusing on the little details and coverages and all that stuff. Just the little minor details now. I mean, it's come a long way.

Q: how different is it? Your first spring, you just got here. Last spring. The competition. How different is it now knowing that you're the guy?

BH: man, it's a major difference. Major difference, but truly… and thankfully, it's a blessing but you can't get complacent with where you're at. Like I said, I have a long way to go and just like me, I have a lot of big dreams and high expectations of myself, along with this team so I feel like we can do so much.

Q: where do you feel like the offense still has to improve mostly?

BH: whenever somebody asks me what we can improve, I always say anything. Anything and everything because I believe this offense has no limits to what we can do. And what we can become this season. Our goal is always the #1 offense in the country. And we're not punting. I told the coach, "I do not want to punt."

Q: how close do you think you are to identifying [Johnathan Franklin]'s replacement at running back?

BH: you know, I couldn't tell you. Both of them are competing very hard. And in the fall, we'll get Thig [Damien Thigpen] back. So it's a big race. Paul Perkins is doing a great job. And Jordon James. He's doing a phenomenal job. And they're both great. Great competitors and great athletes. And great men of this game and just working so hard on and off the field that they're doing big-time things. I couldn't even tell you.

Q: different kind of weapons? Both of them?

BH: yeah. Sort of the same. I mean, they both have their quickness. Their shiftiness. But Paul's is more of a smooth runner while J.J. is fast and quick. So we'll see how it goes. They both can contribute something very big to this offense, and I can't wait to see them in the fall.

Q: Brett, how about you? Are you quicker? More explosive than you were? Because it looks like you are.

BH: oh yeah, I feel… you guys don't understand. I feel so good. And I mean, at the weight I'm at now, 230. I mean, like I said, 8% body fat. I'm feeling so much quicker and just better overall. I'm feeling more confident in what I do. And the way, when I run and take off, I just feel so much better as an athlete.

Q: how do you feel about using your legs? Do you feel like you have to do that more?

BH: oh yeah. You know, I feel like this year, I can be able to use my legs so much more and just utilize that. Last year, I think it's the difference between knowing when to run and when to wait for the receiver, or when to just throw the ball away, so I feel like I'm maturing as a quarterback and get those plays. And now, that that's coming along, I'm going to use my legs a little more.

Q: is that out of necessity?

BH: you know, I believe in our running backs and our pass game for sure. We're going to air it out and our running backs are going to get the running yards they need. But if I get the ball in my hands, I'm going to take off.

Q: [audio difficulties] going to start coming out. [audio difficulties] how do you feel like the team is prepared to handle the weight of expectations because last year, you guys were… nobody was expecting that much from you?

BH: yeah, you know, one thing I try to stress to this team is we can't allow and get sidetracked with expectations of others. We got to keep what we have to do inside ourselves and, as a team, we got to expect highly of ourselves and even highly of what others are expecting of us because we feel like we should be national contenders each and every year. As long as we're doing what we need to do, anything is possible with this team.

Q: was the Holiday Bowl sort of a good wake-up call in that regard?

BH: oh, you know, it wasn't fun. It was a blessing in disguise. Like I said, we have a lot of things we need to accomplish and a lot of things we need to do, and, you know, that just gets the fire behind us.

Q: hey, Brett, [audio difficulties]

BH: [audio difficulties] GoPro? That actually started last year. It's funny. I have a GoPro at home. We were going paintballing one day before the Holiday Bowl, as a team, and I had brought it out to practice, you know, because I told Coach Mora, I just want to try it out so he let me use it and then we got a different perspective so it was actually pretty cool. And then finally, this year comes along, and then they get a couple GoPro's and [audio difficulties]

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