VIDEO: Mazzone on Saturday

Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked from the Rose Bowl Saturday after the Spring Game about the performance of the offense and Bretty Hundley...


NM: honestly, I was not there. I didn't do it.

Q: how different does Brett [Hundley] look this spring game compared to last spring's? Night and day difference?

NM: not night and day, but I'm going to say it was like pre-dawn to dusk. Alright? You know, I mean, you watch him out there, he's got a lot more, you know, he has a lot more command of the offense and what he's doing and how he's feeling about it. Making some adjustments. Yeah, is he going to get a little better from now until the first game? Yeah. Last year, there was like one light turned on in the house. Now every week, he's turning on another light on.

Q: what do you think your chances of identifying a successor to Johnathan Franklin at running back?

NM: I don't know "successor" as somebody that'll fulfill that spot. I mean, Johnathan was just a great player for us and… you know, but I'm really feeling good about the group of young kids we have. And don't forget, we don't have [Steven] Manfro or [Damien] Thigpen out here right now. But I'm really happy with the strides [Jordon] James has made as far as being more of a downhill guy for us. And [Paul] Perkins flashes. He's a young guy. I just feel really good about the group.

Q: do you expect more of a committee approach as opposed to last year…

NM: yeah, no mayor this year. We won't have a mayor this year. We have a house of representatives now in our backfield. 4 seats in the house.

Q: is there any specific takeaways… I know it's just 60 plays today. but anything you can take away? Big picture?

NM: no. I mean, it was a little bit rough because, you know, just the depth problem we have at the offensive line. You know. So, we probably didn't play as fast. We kind of tried to purposefully slow things down a little bit just to try to get 60-70 plays out of those guys. But I thought they did a nice job. I'm happy with the receiving corps. I think we have some good depth there and some of the young kids are really coming on.

Q: about Brett using his legs, how much do you guys talk about? [audio difficulties]

NM: no, I think he's more of an instinctive guy. I think he'll be a stronger runner this year than he was last year because I think he's feeling more comfortable about himself. And I tell you, when he does decide to do that, he's… he presents a problem for the defense when he uses his legs.

Q: is that going to be a necessity this year? To be able to run more?

NM: yeah, well, we need to cut down on our sacks obviously. So he needs to make some better decisions in the pocket to get the ball out of his hands. And then, you know, I think our offensive line… We had to start a bunch of young kids last year. Those guys are a little bit older. So I think all those things kind of fit together.

Q: he said he watches that video… is it GoFilm? How much can you take in from it?

NM: I don't know. Have you watched that thing yet? It's kind of crazy, but he loves it. He watches it every night. And he loves it. It kind of shows him where he's looking, where his eyes are at, where his head is at, and where his focus is. It's pretty cool to me.

Q: [audio difficulties]

NM: yeah, I watch it but shoot, it goes too fast for me. I'm old.

Q: you said before that Brett's starting to think more like you. How close on the same page are you guys? Is it getting there? Are you guys almost thinking just alike now?

NM: yeah, I think so. I mean, he's starting to, you know, when things are coming in, he's starting to… you know, it's like, he's like, "oh, okay, I know where you're going with this thing." And where it leads down the road. And so, the last year, he was just calling the play and what was running, Not how it would fit in the whole scheme of things. This is the first time in awhile that I've had a quarterback two years in a system. So, you know, I'm really anxious to see him move on.

Q: how is that different for you? I mean, do you… are you finally getting to that second layer of things you want to teach a quarterback?

NM: yeah, but you know, we don't go as much with him. How the quarterback goes is a function of the offensive line. How fast they can progress can affect the things we want to do. Are we good?

Q: cool.

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