VIDEO: Perkins after Spring

Paul Perkins talks about how the spring game went and whether he has any insight into how the running back race is shaking out...

Paul Perkins on running back race:


Q: so what can you take away from that offensive [audio difficulties]. Do you think the offense is improving [audio difficulties]

PP: I think… obviously, we have some things to work on, but we definitely moved the ball well. We're going to come back and [audio difficulties]

Q: you've been around Brett [Hundley] for awhile. How much have you seen him change in the last year? It seems like he's a celebrity over there. Can you tell he's just the unquestioned leader of this team?

PP: yeah, I played with him in high school. He was a good leader but now he's grown into a great leader and a great friend on and off the field.

Q: what do you hope to bring to this offense that's losing, you know, the all-time leading rusher? Obviously big shoes to fill, what are your feelings going forward?

PP: anything I can help with the offense, that's either playing the F or T or whatever. Catch the ball. Run the ball. However, they want me to play in the offense is fine with me.

Q: how do you feel you personally improved this spring in terms of just making your cuts or running downhill or something like that?

PP: just knowing the offense better so I can play faster. It's a big thing for me so I can come out here and work.

Q: can you talk a little bit about the competition for playing time at the running back position? We've got a lot of good guys this season.

PP: oh yeah. It's fun coming out here and competing with these guys. All of our guys had [audio difficulties]. Looking forward to the competition.

Q: Coach Mora's said you guys are kind of in a dead heat. Is that the kind of the impression you guys have gotten too?

PP: yeah, we're all out here competing against each other. Just keep grinding. And someone's going to get the spot eventually, but I've had fun out here competing with these guys.

Q: have they given an idea of when you guys might know? I mean, it's obviously in the fall, but like…

PP: no, Coach B [Steve Broussard - Running Backs] doesn't tell us that much.

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