Mora Conference Call

Jim Mora answered questions about the injury status of Owamagbe Odighizuwa and Marcus Rios during Monday's Pac-12 Coach's Conference Call...

Q: With you having been associated with the NFL so long, is there anything you would tweak about the spring, now that you've had a year under your belt?

A: No, I like it. I think it's great. I think it's plenty of time with our players, with all the other obligations and responsibilities they have. I think that the 15 days is perfect. We're able to go in pads and get work done. It's a great time to develop fundamentals. I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't know what to change anyway.

Q: Are you an advocate of the college football playoff? Do you think there should be standardization in the scheduling between different conferences?

A: I'll be perfectly honest with you, give neither of those two issues any thought at all, because they're out of my control. I just don't have the energy or time to think about them. Whatever they decide, they decide and I'll work with it. I would love to see us one day in the position that we'll be considered for the playoff, whatever format it's in, because we know it's going to be in some format. That's my only thought on that.

With regards to the standardization, I wasn't even really aware of it until last year when I got into the college game that our league plays nine conference games and the SEC plays eight. I think if we're going to have a playoff, we should have some form of standardization, but I don't know if that's feasible. The NCAA is so different from the NFL in that the NFL is a league and the rules are consistent for every single team. That's just not the same in college football, and I don't know how you go about changing that. That's way above my pay grade.

Q: I'm curious if you could feel a feeling of momentum this offseason as compared to your first, and if your players' lives are any different after having a good season last year?

A: I hope not, I hope that we can keep an edge and stay hungry. We really haven't accomplished anything. We won nine games, which I hope we're not satisfied with, and we got blown out in the bowl game, which I know we're not satisfied with. I think the only thing that's changed is that our players have a better understanding of our standards, our expectations and the way we go about our business. That's the big thing, that they understand it, that we can't be satisfied, or else we'll just be mediocre. So, it's a great feeling, but it's a feeling that we haven't done anything yet.

Q: Injury status of Owamagbe Odighizuwa and Marcus Rios?

A: Marcus will be out for the year, because he's going to have that pickline in for the next six months. Our main concern with Marcus is that he can become healthy again. Not so he can play football, but so he can lead a normal life and get that thing out of his arm. We're confident he's going to be fine, but we're going to have to be patient with him.

Owa, he's recovering fine right now. He's getting his other hip checked to make sure he's ok. But he's coming along well. He was just in my office about an hour ago and looked fantastic.

Q: I know fall camp is a little while away, but is there any player you'd like to see kind of emerge or expect more out of?

A: I want it to be a competitive atmosphere at all positions. Realistically, there are some positions where there is more legitimate competition than others. I think our offensive line right now is in a real state of flux other than at left guard and center. And I think Torian White has really improved, so three of the five spots are pretty solid, but the other two are wide open. People need to emerge in those spots. People ask me about the running back spot and ask me how we're going to replace Johnathan Franklin. I don't think any one person is ever going to replace what Johnathan did, but I think through the course of fall camp, two or three or maybe even four guys will emerge that we say ok, we can hand the ball to this guy or pitch it or throw it to him and he'll be productive for us. So as a group I think we'll be able to replace the production that Johnathan gave us. And then in the secondary, we need to have a couple guys really step up in fall camp early in the secondary and say you know what, I can play this position, I can play it well, and we can win with me playing this position. Those are really the three primary spots that we're looking at right now.

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