UCLA Evaluations from IMG 7on7

There were a number of high-level UCLA prospects at the IMG 7on7 this past weekend, including Juju Smith, Adoree Jackson, and Jalen Brown...

Adoree Jackson, the corner/athlete, had a flurry of plays in which he put on a show during the first day. He projects as a cornerback, but had a number of catches as a receiver in which he went up incredibly high and took it down in traffic. As a corner, he showed some remarkable athleticism, particularly his ability to recover, and got a couple of picks. Oddly, his coaches kept asking him to play quarters and zone during the second day, which limited his ability to make plays. When he was allowed to play up on his man and press at the line of scrimmage, he was dominant.

Juju Smith, the safety/receiver, was quiet for the day. He definitely looks the part, at about 6-1 and 190, with a great body, but his team didn't throw the ball to him on offense, and he rarely was involved in a play at safety. He did get burned a couple of times. He looked like a great athlete, but has a ways to go in learning a position -- either safety or receiver. Perhaps, having been doing track for a while he was a little rusty. Team AIGA, also, is rotating Smith at receiver every other play. So, you have one of the two best players in the west and you rotate him every other play and then don't throw him the ball. During the second day, Smith sat out many of Team AIGA's games after getting the wind knocked out of him early.

Jalen Brown, the Arizona receiver, was impressive looking. He's easily 6-2, if not 6-3, and has filled out some. He is quick for his size, and was near unstoppable -- that is, when his team threw him the ball. He must have been open on every other play during the weekend, but he was targeted maybe a dozen times total in six or seven games. He has very good hands, and actually flashed some ball skills as a safety as well, pulling down an incredible pick during the second day of action. The only corner who was able to match up with him to any extent was 2015's Stanley Norman.

Jonathan Lockett, the cornerback, is impressive-looking, with nice size and athleticism to go along with good cover skills. He only played in one of his team's three games on Saturday, but played a bit more on Sunday. He showed some versatility to his game, matching up against both big, tight-end types as well as smaller receivers. He looked better playing up on receivers, but also didn't look overmatched when he was asked to play off of them.

Marvell Tell, the 2015 safety, is a great-looking prospect, with great size and athleticism. He's about 6'2, and still looks like he has plenty of room to fill out, even though he already is about 180.

Brady White, the 2015 quarterback, was the most impressive quarterback at the event. He throws a nice, tight, catchable ball, and displays good accuracy and decision making. Also, in just the last few months, he's filled out some more, which is good because he's relatively slimly built. He, Tyler Hilinski, and Josh Rosen have all looked very impressive on the 7on7 circuit so far this spring, and it could be a really tight race to see who ends up the best of the bunch in 2015.

Tyler Hilinski, the 2015 quarterback who transferred to Upland for this upcoming season, also looked good, and has a better frame than White. He's a legitimate 6'3, has a strong arm, and makes good decisions. If there's a knock on him at this point, it's that he has a long release, often cocking the ball back before firing it. If he can clean that up, there's little to dislike about his game.

Stanley Norman, the 2015 cornerback from Culver City, was one of the few players during the entire weekend who caused problems for Jalen Brown. They matched up during one game, and, if you were grading, you'd say that Norman probably won the majority of the battles. He's about 5'10, and not filled out, but he plays bigger than he is. He was able to press Brown and then stay with him when Brown would break the press.

Naijiel Hale, the 2014 cornerback who's thought to be an Arizona lean, played on the first day of the tournament but then left on the second day. He looks more and more filled out every weekend. He's added a great deal of muscle to his upper body since even Las Vegas two months ago. He played both offense and defense for Team AIGA, and it seemed like the coaches were attempting to feature him, getting him the ball on offense frequently. He made at least one spectacular interception, running down an overthrown ball in the back of the end zone while keeping his feet in bounds. On a team with fellow 2014 defensive backs Adoree Jackson and Juju Smith, he didn't look out of place.

Tyler Luatua, the tight end who was also on the star-studded Team AIGA, had one of the better weekends we've seen from him. His body, which honestly looked a little sloppy a couple of months ago, has been trimmed up a bit, and he was simply more active than he has been this weekend. He caught a number of balls on short slants and drags, but he ran most of his routes at full speed, which wasn't always the case when we saw him in Las Vegas two months ago. He doesn't look really natural when he runs, and his pass-catching technique can get a little inconsistent, but with his large frame and decent route-running, there's plenty of room for growth.

Erik Brown, one of UCLA's 2014 receiver targets, suffered a bit from Jalen Brown disease, in that his quarterback struggled to get him the ball consistently. Even still, he had some nice moments during the two games we saw of him. He has good size, at a legitimate 6'1 or so, and runs well. His team tried to get him the ball on short passes and let him make plays, which doesn't look like it's a big strength of his game at this point. He does a better job getting open deep and making plays to stretch the field. He has a nice vertical and can make plays on jump balls as well.

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