Comanche Taking His Time

Chance Comanche, a very promising young post from Los Angeles (Calif.) View Park, had some good things to say about UCLA...

Chance Comanche, 6-11 SO C Los Angeles (Calif.) View Park, is a very long and promising young post prospect. Comanche is still growing into his body, and lacks strength at this time, but he's got pretty good ball skills and he realizes that he's a post. With continued development, he could end up one of the top players in the west for 2015.

I spoke with Comanche recently and asked about the schools that he's heard from to date.

"UCLA, Oregon, Arizona, USC, Florida State and DePaul are some of them," said Comanche.

Comanche said he has yet to receive any offers.

Comanche said he was being recruited by the old staff at UCLA, but hasn't had any contact yet with the new staff.

"I haven't talked with the new staff yet," said Comanche. "But it's a really good school, both academically and in terms of basketball." When asked about the factors he'll consider when choosing a school, Comanche replied, "The academics mainly. A good program that plays as a team. I don't really care about the location, but I would like to play as a freshman. Not necessarily starting, but I'll be happy as long as I'm playing."

Comanche said he doesn't see himself making a decision any time soon.

"I'll probably wait until my senior year," said Comanche.

Comanche has yet to take any unofficial visits and said he has no visits planned as of now.

When asked who will advise him when it comes time to make a decision, Comanche replied, "My mom and coach."

Comanche said he has a 3.2 GPA.

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