UCLA Interested in 2015 DT

Breiden Fehoko from Hawaii is 6-3.5 and 275, and he's the "little" brother of three older sibling who played D-1 football. The 2015 prospect could be the best in the family...

KANEOHE, HI - Breiden Fehoko has been waiting his whole life for this time, so it's not like one more year is going to bother him. The youngest of four brothers who all played FBS football, the 6-2.5, 275-pound defensive lineman from Farrington High School in Honolulu has a serious legacy to compete with, but one he hopes will get him to where he wants to be.

Breiden's oldest brother Whitley signed with San Diego State in 2006, followed by Sam-Earl, who played for Texas Tech, and V.J., who currently plays for Utah. That's a lot for the pup of the litter to follow, but Breiden might just be the best of the bunch by the time he's done playing football.

"It's a lot of hard work," he told Scout.com at the 12th PIAA Combine at Castle High School of the regimen that has been pounded into his brain and body for years by his siblings and his father Vili, who people might remember as 'Vili the Warrior' - the long-used mascot by the University of Hawaii sports programs. "In the end there's a lot of benefits toward it and in the off-season we put in a lot of hard work and come the fall we look forward to putting in that work and seeing the end result is a good thing."

Fehoko offered a glimpse into the family's weekly regimen. "Monday through Saturday…Monday we start out with a little chest workout," he said. "Tuesday we have legs. Wednesday and Thursday it's back and arms, Friday we finish it off with light legs and light chest and Saturday it's the agility work. Sunday is our only day of rest. It's a hard week, but on Sunday you get that rest and you want to get back at it again. It's just that feeling."

It's that kind of work that has turned the youngest Fehoko into a man-child with two years of prep football still to play. He claims a 385-pound max bench press as of a week ago, as well as a 530-pound squat lift and 285-pound power clean. Right now Fehoko said he is repping 225 pounds on the bench between 33 and 34 times. To put that in perspective, the top 225-pound bench mark for the PIAA Combine was 24 reps by a senior-to-be - Kamehameha OL Kaiwi Chung.

Fehoko recently joined Saint Louis 2015 lineman Fred Ulu-Perry at the NFTC Oakland camp, one where Scout lauded him with All-Underclass camp honors. "Plays aggressively and is quick off the ball and was one of the better defensive linemen at the NFTC," were the words used by the Scout.com West Recruiting Team.

"It was good to see a lot of new competition instead of the camps here with all the Hawaii boys," Fehoko said. "You see everybody getting after it on the mainland. When you live in Hawaii, you're thousands of miles from California and it's hard to get yourself on the map when you live out here. It's all an investment when you go to the mainland camps - the Nike camps, the All-Poly camp in Utah. Your parents pay a lot of money, so you better get out there and ball out. And that's what we do. We work toward it, we work hard, and we hope the end result will be good."

Fehoko added that he will be back on the mainland soon for the Utah All-Poly camp, the University of Utah camp, Washington State's camp, Camp Kiffin at USC, UCLA's camp, Oregon's camp, Stanford's camp and finally a camp at Cal-Berkeley.

The youngest Fehoko, who is still only a sophomore, boasts verbal scholarship offers from Utah, Hawaii, San Diego State, Cal-Berkeley, Utah State, Washington State, Texas Tech, Weber State, Colorado and Oklahoma State. Clemson is Fehoko's latest offer. "I feel like in the next couple of months UCLA will offer, Stanford will offer, Texas A&M will offer, USC will offer," Breiden said. "All these schools have been coming down to see me at Farrington and I feel they are really interested in me."

The Bay Area trip was an eye-opener for Fehoko.

"When I recently came back from Oakland, I took an unofficial to Cal-Berkeley," he said. "I met with coach (Andy) Buh and coach (Barry) Sacks and coach (Sonny) Dykes, their head coach. They really stood out to me. I felt that they needed me in their program. Stanford too, with coach (Tavita) Pritchard and coach Vae (Vavae Tata)…those two coaches - when I went on my unofficial too they really made me feel that they really need me in their program. And that's what I'm looking for in a program - a program that feels like I can come in and benefit them and they can benefit me. So it's really the best fit for me."

Fehoko is also taking care of business in the classroom with a 3.82 GPA that includes AP courses. "Stanford is interested in me a lot right now because of my grades and what I can do in the classroom and not just for what I can do on the field," he said. "They made sure that my scheduling is on point. So it pays off to work hard in the classroom and get a good GPA for yourself."

Even though the Golden Bears and Cardinal have certainly made an early impression, Fehoko is going to take his time with the recruiting process. "I talked to my parents about it and my brothers about it and now we're just trying to keep things open for me," he said. "I'm trying to focus on my season, trying to work hard every day. When schools come, that's when I talk to them and that's when I make my mark and present myself. But other than that I'm just a regular guy trying to work hard on and off the field, getting in the weight room, getting on the field and just trying to get better."

Fehoko isn't the only top defensive prospect for 2015 from Hawaii. Punahou defensive lineman Canton Kaumatule is considered by at least one recruiting service to already be the top recruit nationally for the class of 2015. As it turns out, both Fehoko and Kaumatule are looking at a few of the same top programs. Fehoko admitted that, while there's certainly no talk of a "package deal" in the works, it would be a tremendous bonus playing with Kaumatule at the next level if it came to pass. "I'm pretty sure Canton wants the best deal for me and I want the best deal for him too," Fehoko said. "It'll be a blast if I could play with him. But for now it's whatever he wants to do. I'll support him wherever he goes and I'm pretty sure he'll support me wherever I go too."

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