Vanderdoes Reason to Get Out of NLI

Eddie Vanderdoes has a very serious personal reason for wanting to get out of his National Letter of Intent to Notre Dame...

Eddie Vanderdoes, the five-star 2013 defensive lineman, has tried to get out of his National Letter of Intent to Notre Dame because his grandmother is seriously ill, according to sources.

Shortly after Vanderdoes signed the NLI in February his grandmother took ill. Once he learned the seriousness of the illness, Vanderdoes determined he wouldn't want to be so far away from her or his family.

Vanderdoes asked Notre Dame to be released from the NLI, but was refused. He then attempted it through conventional means, applying to be let out of it through the NLI's online system. The NLI office then rejected him, he appealed again, and the NLI office recently rejected the appeal.

When asked how seriousness the illness, a source indicated that the next year and half would be an important time for Vanderdoes to be close to his family.

If Notre Dame doesn't release Vanderdoes, and they've steadfastly indicated they wouldn't, the family could also pursue legal means. Notre Dame might have made errors in the protocol for responding to the NLI appeal, and those close to the situation believe that should release Vanderdoes from the NLI.

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