Look at Skills Position Camp #2

Canyon Country (Calif.) Canyon quarterback Cade Apsay tried to earn a scholarship offer at the UCLA Skills Position Camp Wednesday...

It was almost entirely new prospects today from yesterday.

The storyline yesterday was whether Oaks Christian quarterback Brandon Dawkins would perform well enough to earn a scholarship offer.

Today it was whether Canyon Country Canyon quarterback Cade Apsay would.

Apsay didn't show enough to clearly earn one.

Apsay is about 6-1, maybe, and fairly slight. That wouldn't be that big of a knock if he were particularly athletic, but he ran a 4.91 40. He has just an okay arm, at times looking fairly strong and at other times not so. While you have to discount in that there weren't great receivers to throw to, he still didn't throw accurately enough for even the receivers participating in the camp to catch the ball. We had heard that Apsay also plans to return to the UCLA Elite Camp on June 21st.

One of the two best prospects today was Taeon Mason, a 2015 6-0 corner/safety from Pasadena Muir. He ran the best 40 of the day, a 4.52, and very agile in the drills. He was raw in the one-on-ones, but showed good instincts, and with good athleticism and speed, good recovery ability. He injured his knee so at out the last hour or so, but he was impressive. UCLA defensive back coach Demetrice Martin was coaching him up.

Probably the second-best prospect was a 2017 kid, Darnae Holmes, a 5-8 cornerback. He's the younger brother of Darick Holmes, the 2015 corner prospect from Oaks Christian (and that's where Darnae will go) that UCLA has already offered. He ran the second-best 40 of the day, a 4.53, which is phenomenal for an 8th grader, and looked very quick in coverage. Most promising was that he looked very young and baby-faced and it would be easy to see him still grow some. According to his father, Darnae is also a big-time baseball player.

Brady White, the 2015 quarterback, participated, and just looked okay, actually not as good as he usually is. It very well could have been the lack of good receivers, but White did have his teammate, 2015 WR Trent Irwin there with him, and often the two hooked up in the one-on-ones.

A quarterback to watch is Danny Judy, who is a 2014 prospect from Panorama City St. Genevieve. He's not a UCLA-level scholarship quarterback, but could be someone who would be good enough for a D-1 scholarship somewhere and be a great UCLA walk-on. He was about 6-1 and 175 pounds, and a bit thin, but had the best arm on the day.

A guy to watch is Trevor Howard, a 2015 tight end prospect who was 6-3 and about 220. He didn't run a very good 40 (5.1), but he looked good in the one-on-ones.

Again, the Elite Camp on June 21st will be loaded with talent.

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