Richard Updates His Recruitment

Palmdale (Calif.) running back Demario Richard had a nice visit up to Washington, and says that the Bruins are still in the mix for his services...

Demario Richard is easily among the top backs in the west this year with a very nice upside. He's an every down back who can run inside and outside the tackles, catches the ball well out of the backfield and can get downfield in a hurry.

Richard spent Monday and Tuesday of this week at Washington and the Huskies made a big impression.

"Man I loved it there," Richard said. "I was only supposed to stay there Monday and then go up to Oregon on Tuesday but I was having too much fun to leave. Plus I didn't want my dad to have to do any more driving. My dad came with me along with one of my teammates and his dad. I have a cousin who's a GA that we stayed with and it was great just being around family for a few days.

"We got in late Sunday night and spent the whole day Monday at UW. I got there around 9:30 and we toured the camped, saw the facilities, met with the coaching staff and I even got to meet some of the players. I was with all the coaches, Coach Sark, Nansen, Tui and Paopao and I loved everything about the visit.

"The facilities were incredible and they're not even done yet. The stadium is huge and is going to great when they put in all the suites. I loved the players lounge and locker room and again, they're still adding to it. Coach Sark's office is insane. He has a walk in closet, steam room and a fire place in there, I've never seen anything like it."

Richard said spending time with the coaches but especially Coach Sarkisian was the highlight of the visit.

"On Tuesday, I spent two hours with Coach Sark, that was big for me," Richard said. "We barely even talked football, we got to know each other on a personal level. When I was with the other coaches, Coach Nansen, we talked about the offense and how I would fit in and that was cool too but with Coach Sark, it was just us getting to know each other.

"He keeps it real with you, the whole staff does. The loyalty they have to their players and how close everyone is really stood out to me. Coach Sark and my dad got real close too, we all bonded pretty well. I love the city and just the overall atmosphere and lifestyle there is something I was very comfortable with."

Prior to the visit, Richard had called Arizona State his leader but he Washington definitely moved up for him.

"They're right there with ASU now," Richard said. "I can't say I have a leader between those two, they're both right there at the top. I have a handful of schools I'm looking closely at and one school moving up my list is West Virginia. They just offered me and I'm definitely going to take an official visit there.

"I'm still planning to make my commitment on my birthday, which is December 2. I'm going to take all my visits first and I also know I'll visit Tennessee. UCLA and Oregon are still up there for me too but I don't know if I'll do any official visits to schools out west that I can drive to or that I've already visited. We'll see though, I'm just going to play this out and the schools that are recruiting me the hardest, those are the ones I'll probably go and check out."

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