The Opening: Demetrius Knox

BEAVERTON, Ore. – The talented 4-star offensive guard from Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints High talks recruiting with at The Opening…

Demetrius Knox, a 6-foot-4, 295-pound four-star offensive guard from Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints High broke down his experience on day one at The Opening.

"It was a good day," Knox began. "I have seen a lot of these same guys. As far as my performance I went 1-for-2. The second rep my hand slipped off, but I am going to pick it up again tomorrow."

After talking about his camp experience he talked about some recruiting. He is down to a Top 5 of "Ohio State, UCLA, Miami, Florida State and TCU."

"I love the coaching staffs, the environment and I feel like those schools are going to do something and I want to be a part of it," Knox said of his top five.

TCU - "They have always been there. I feel like I have a good situation already in Fort Worth. My coaches are there, my family is there, and I have teammates already going there and they have a great coaching staff."

UCLA - "It was beautiful. I fell in love to the max. I talked to the coaching staff and they had me as soon as I got there. I talked to the players almost every day and they wished me luck before I came out here."

Ohio State - "Ever since second grade it has been Ohio State. I have thought about it. Dominate in high school and go to Ohio State and then go to the NFL. They have always been the home school and it has been a dream, but it is not just football you have to think about"

Miami - "I feel like they are on the come up. They are trying to get back to the old Miami. They got that hunger to get back to the National Championship.

Florida State - Coach Brew (Tim Brewster) is hilarious and same thing with Miami. I feel like they are getting where they need to be. They just need that extra boost and they are in the National Championship.

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