Robinson Favoring Two

The Corona (Calif.) Santiago safety, Ron Robinson, has a Big Ten and Pac-12 school at the top of his list...

Corona (Calif.) Santiago safety Ron Robinson (6-2, 197), is hoping to get out to the Midwest this month so he can visit Northwestern, the first school to offer him.

"Sometime this month, I'm planning to get out to Northwestern," said Robinson. "It will be my first time out to Northwestern and I've never been to Illinois. Coach Jerry Brown is recruiting me for Northwestern. If I can't get out there this summer, then after my senior year starts, I'll definitely take an official out there."

UCLA has also offered Robinson, and the local school is also hoping to have Robinson on campus this summer.

"I've only been to the UCLA campus for the camps," said Robinson. "I want to get there and tour it a little more. It depends on when the coaching staff gets back on to campus. I'm going to some of their practices when they're in San Bernardino."

Demetrice Martin offered Robinson after UCLA's Elite Camp, while Steve Broussard recruits Santiago.

"Coach Martin is the one recruiting me although I have a good relationship with Coach Broussard because he's my area recruiter," said Robinson.

The offer from the local school thrilled Robinson.

"I was very excited, but a little bit surprised, because I wasn't really on their recruiting board before the camp, but I played excellent at the camp," said Robinson. "Honestly, I wasn't worrying about an offer, it was just beat the man in front of me, that's all my concern was. I just wanted to go out there and have some fun."

Robinson said he was tempted to pull the trigger for the Bruins.

"I was a little bit tempted but I wanted to get out to Northwestern first before I made any decision," said Robinson.

Utah could also get in the mix for Robinson soon.

"My cousin, Kenneth Scott, plays at Utah and he's told me a lot of positive things," said Robinson. "If they do end up offering, I will probably take an official visit there."

But Northwestern and UCLA stand out to Robinson.

"Those are my top two schools," said Robinson. "Honestly, after I visit Northwestern and UCLA, I should know so I don't see any reason not to make my decision."

Robinson said that he's suited best for safety, but that if he needs to grow into a linebacker down the line, he will.

"To me, it doesn't really matter," said Robinson. "There are a lot of safeties my size, but Anthony Barr is a stud at UCLA as an outside linebacker. As long as you're out there making plays on the field. I feel like my weight is at a good midpoint, my happy medium is 195. I think 200 is a little too heavy right now and 190 a little light. But we'll see what happens down the line."

Academically, Robinson has a 4.2 and scored a 1560 on the SAT.

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