VIDEO: Hundley On First Practice

The quarterback talked about being in San Bernardino again, team camaraderie, and mentoring true freshman quarterback Asiantii Woulard...

Brett Hundley talked to us after the first practice of the 2013 season.

On expectations and Heisman buzz:
It's just outside things.  You can't think of that.  Because all of it could go away like that.  You have one bad game, one bad anything, two bad games, all that could go away like that.  Anything and everything could be taken away in one play, so you have to take it one play at a time.  Just try to win every opportunity on the field.

On if the buzz can be a distraction:
You really do and that's the reason why I personally i don't really get on social media during the season.  You won't really catch me on it. The only time I ever hear outside references, is when my dad says something.  Other than that, I try to block it out.  You have to during the season.  A lot of people get hyped on outside sources, rather than just focusing on what they need to focus on and that's just winning games.

On the experience with the Navy Seals:
It was different, but honestly, it was the best thing that could have happened to this team.  It was fun, it was challenging.  We really broke ourselves down, to the way where we could see each others weaknesses and each others strengths, and that really helped us bond as a unit, as a team, as a brotherhood as a family.  So I think that just sort of challenged us and pushed us to the limits that we would never even think we could go, but we did it and now we're out here for the better.  It's different.  It's hard to relate those things.  What they do is something totally different than what we do on the football field.  That's life and death what they do.

On the advances he's made since spring:
A lot mentally and physically.  Mentally, just a lot better leader, able to do things, understand defenses.  A lot of stuff has slowed down.  It's our first day out so we're back here, new balls, a new offense, everything, but just getting back in the flow of things.  A lot of things have slowed down for me personally.  And just being able to lead the team, making sure people are doing things and making the offense as one.

On the new footballs they're using:
I mean, they're good.  It is what it is.  If it's a ball, I have to throw it so I have to get used to it.  They are brand new balls, they're still slick, we just have to sling them around.

On what feels different this camp:
It's a new day.  Last year, we didn't know what we were going to get, coming into San Bernardino.  We were all so new.  We know what San Bernardino is like.  And it's just another two weeks, no place else could you get this time of bonding.  You get away from Westwood. You have social media, but everyone is focused on football 24/7 and what you need to be focused on before the season starts.  I think it's a little different because technically now our team knows the offense and defense.  Last year, we were like deer's in headlights, running around headless. Now, people know what they're doing, instead of starting from scratch, you're starting and you know in the offense, and the offense has clicked even more.  Last year, we were coming together, new offense, new defense.  And now this year, the offense is together, we have the same offense as last year, and the same defense as well except for the secondary.

On Mora's in this year's first practice compared to last year's first practice:
I don't really get to see Coach Mora in practice.  You can for sure hear him.  No matter where you are at on the field, you can hear him.  You'll never miss that voice.  Surely, when it gets loud and angry, it will never go away.

On missing Johnathan Franklin:
We'll miss him a lot.  Like i said, there will be another player who steps up.  You can't replace a Johnathan Franklin, but other people will assume those positions, and it will relocate to others.  I'll step up, Jake Brendel, X, everyone will do their role as needed.

On leadership of the team instead of the coaches in some ways:
It's huge, I think this year, now that's one thing we've worked on.  Now the coaches won't have to say as much as to the younger players.  All the other guys, and we still have a young team, but now the older guys who've been here and know how things are, they'll sort of demand from the freshman what the coaches would demand.  Now if they mess up, instead of the coaches, now it will be me jumping on them or the outside receivers, whoever makes the mistake, defense, offense or what, no matter what you'll see more of the older guys do it, stepping up, that's not what you do, this is how we do it, this is what we expect, this is the Bruin standard.  And that's what we're going to have and the coaches don't have to say it.

On what was more difficult: the San Bernardino heat last summer or the Navy Seals this week:
That's a very hard question.  I don't know which one to answer.  It's hard.  It was challenging as a team, but we did what we had to do.  I can't really say.  That was a hard answer. 

On what the Navy Seals had them doing:
They had us doing anything everything and anything.  Rowing, doing anything and everything.  Mentally challenging, physically challenging.  Something's weren't even physically challenging, just mentally on the mind.  It' pushes you to limits you never thought you would have to go through.  It was fun.  We did what we had to do.

On if the coaches participated:
They sat back and watched.  Players were out there.  They were out there in a couple of things.  Not the terrible things.  They got out there and did a couple of things.  Just a couple of things.

On the biggest thing they do as a team in San Bernardino:
Just get together and understand, this isn't last year.  We got to make sure that what people think of last year, and the expectations people have for us, we don't let get to our heads.  We have expectations of ourselves.  But we should have higher expectations than what outsiders have for us.  So I think we thing we really have to get through this camp, is understanding as a team, we have more to prove than last year.  Just because last year, I personally don't think it was a good year, not a good year, but a year in which we would have liked to finish on.  I think this year, we have such an amazing team, our secondary may be young, but there are a lot of things we can get going for this team.  We have a lot of plus side for this team.  I think Rose Bowls, national championships.  nobody would ever think to be in the national championships, but we have to think about ourselves in the national championships.  So that's one thing we've got to expect from ourselves to make it into that limelight and into that spotlight and get there.

On mentoring Asiantii Woulard:
He's all over.  We're roommates right now and I just have to take him under the wing a little bit.  I know he's a deer in headlights on him.  He's got a gun.  He's going to be a great quarterback. He's going to be a really good quarterback.  They haven't said (they want him to mentor), but you could tell.  We're roommates and they put his locker next to mine.  You can tell.  He's a great, great, great young man and he's going to do great things for this program.

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